Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Top Tips for Keeping your Child Safe on Social Media

If your child has a phone then you will understand how much stuff they can access on the internet. 
You will also understand that so many kids are now using social media in an attempt to connect with 
others. Social media certainly has its benefits and it is a great way for your child to chat with their 
classmates out of school hours. The problem is that children can now share more information than 
ever on social media, and sometimes it is encouraged. For this reason, you need to do everything you 
can to protect your child when they are on social media.
Educate Yourself
If you want to protect your child on social media then it helps to learn how the platform works yourself. 
You’ll want to be aware of the different social media sites that your children are using and it also helps 
to familiarise yourself with the various platforms that are available. Try and create your own account 
and use some of the apps yourself to find out how they work. There is a huge difference between 
sites such as Snapchat and Tumblr, and by knowing the differences, you can then understand some 
of the risks that are commonly involved with them.

Age Limit
If you don’t let your children use social media then it helps to work with them so that you can establish
an age where they can. If a child feels as though it is never going to happen then there is a high 
chance that they will go on to set up their own profile in secret. Keep in mind that most social media 
sites ask for people to be aged 13 or over when signing up, and this is because there are various acts 
in place that prevent information being gathered of those who are under the age of 13. Social media 
is ideal if your child is shy or if they have a problem socialising because it gives them the chance to 
chat with other people without having to do it face to face. This opens up new doors for them and it 
can even help them to make new friends as well, but if they are under the age of 13 then they should 
not have a social media account.

Phone Usage and Social Media
If you have a computer then you can easily place your computer in a common area in the home. 
This gives you the chance to monitor how much they are using the social media platforms that are 
available. The problem is that if they have a phone then there is no telling how much they are using it. 
A safe app for children’s entertainment is the best way for you to go here as it means that they can 
access a huge range of chat rooms and even games without you having to worry about whether or 
not the app is safe.
Apps like this can be downloaded on a huge range of phones, so you won’t have any problems when 
the time does come for you to get started.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

: How A Short-term Loan Could Help You Pay For An Unexpected Wedding Abroad

In an ideal world, you will have saved up a lot of money in either a savings account or an emergency funds account that you have custom made with an in depth meeting with your bank. However the economy is always fluctuating, and somewhere down the line, something unexpected is going to happen in your life. Financially, the majority people don’t ever really feel like they have enough savings. Even more, people don’t feel as if they have a safe cushion to fall back on when they need a quick cash injection. The broad answer would be to use credit cards, as they are an immediate source of funds, however, they carry with them a disagreeable long-term penalty if the strict payment program is not adhered to. This is especially relevant when an unexpected event like a holiday comes up, and you don’t have the needed funds. This type of situation calls for a short-term personal loan or perhaps better termed a ‘holiday loan’. This might be the better option for you as there are many different uses for such a money product and different ways in which you could get the full potential out of it during your trip.

Credit - Steven R. Doty

Why a short-term loan?

With so many products and services, banks offer that can give you the freedom you need to save how much you want to and be given a reliably fixed interest rate. However, this is only available for long-term savings accounts, which require certain rules to be adhered to by the holder. With a little financial savviness, you’ll start to notice what the best route for your lifestyle will be. Of course, the next step would be to take out a credit card which has a set balance, and when used, immediately starts the clock for when repayments must be made, with interest.

None of these options are effective immediately, but with flexible long-term plans, with a reasonable schedule for when you can pay the money back to the bank or loan company. A short-term loan is more of a product, than it is a service such as the short-term plans, so a company treats you like a client rather than someone as part of a herd. Therefore, you short-term loan can be increased, the interest rate is flexible, and the repayment schedule can be prolonged if that’s what you wish. This kind of loan gives you a short-term cash boost but has the properties of a medium sized loan with flexible repayments.

Ease of attainment

Short-term loans are designed around loosely-based financial certainty of the applicant. This means that the overwhelming majority of people applying need only supply a brief amount of detail to the loan company. The immediate approval rate is very high making it easy to apply and attain. As they are only a short-term prospect, the APR rate is going to be high, but the instalments and repayments schedules are going to be flexible.

Shape the amount  

If you’ve been called out to attend an important wedding abroad, but you far from have the funds needed to go on the trip, along with book the hotel and pay for local services such as public transport, a short-term loan is a great saviour. There are many bad credit loans, which you can define the amount you need beforehand. If you plan out your journey, and then estimate the overall expenditure of the entire trip, you can shape the amount you need, as well as select the length of time you wish to hold the loan and therefore, the interest rate will acclimatise to that schedule. Unlike credit cards that become more uncertain if you don’t pay back the required balance each month, short-term loans allow you to plan, so you don’t run into this kind of trouble, giving you more control.

Image by - Jorge Royan

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Why Is Growing Up So Expensive?

Do you remember being a child and wishing to grow up to be allowed to eat anything you wanted and stay up late? Most adults, when they finally embrace the multiple responsibilities and challenges of the grown-up life, wish that they could be children again. It’s not specifically the responsibilities that adults dislike – after all, with great responsibilities comes great power too. It is the cost of the adult life. When you become a grown-up, you rapidly realise that everything has a price. That, somehow, doesn’t match your childhood dream of growing up to be free. Nevertheless, while everything is costly, it doesn’t mean that you can find ways to make significant savings. Indeed, there are costs that you can actively limit, such as your energy bills. All you need to do is to look at for solutions to reduce energy waste, whether it is improving your insulation system or turning off the lights when you leave a room. Similarly, shopping bills can be reduced too. It’s easy; you simply need to find something else to do on a rainy Saturday – yes, it does sound boring, but your bank account will be grateful.
But there are other costs. Costs that you can’t avoid. Costs that pave the way to adulthood. Indeed, being an adult means that you start to have serious relationships – and maybe find your Mr. or Mrs. Right. You also climb the property ladder and become a homeowner. Maybe, at a later point, you will have children, and you will be responsible for the health of your family. All these stages of your adult life are more expensive than they should! Maybe being an adult is about making it through without accumulating debts, like some giant Monopoly game.   

Getting Married: Why Is Love So Expensive?

Could there be anything more wonderful than planning your wedding with the person you love? However, according to wedding experts, getting married is more than just an act of love. In average, weddings in the UK cost above £30,000. That is the equivalent of a one-year pay for most of the young professionals. Fortunately, as the saying goes, you get only married once – technically, you can get married as often as you want to, assuming it’s not all at the same time; yet it’s likely that you won’t be able to afford a proper dream like wedding day often. Nevertheless, from the engagement ring to the catering on your big day, getting married can be the conclusion of several years of saving.

The Costly Steps On The Property Ladder

Becoming a homeowner is the moment where you can finally wave goodbye to all the limitations of the tenant’s life. Finally, it’s your home, and you can do what you please with it, including painting the walls in the most outrageous colours. Admittedly, with this new freedom comes new responsibilities. You need to look after your home and to ensure that it is always in the best of conditions. In reality, the costs associated with a home related to moving in, improving it, and upgrading it. If you thought that buying a house what all the expenses you had to deal with, you were wrong.

Moving House

Picture the scene, you’ve bought a new house. You’ve already sorted out the mortgage agreement. All you have to do is move house. Sounds simple? It isn’t! Moving house means that you first need to pack all your belongings – you can thank B&Q or IKEA for all the boxes –, sell everything that you know you won’t need. Only then can you get in touch with a moving company, either to rent a van or to organise the move, depending on how much you have and how involved you want to be. Most first-time homeowners consider planning the move with their individual car, several friends and a lot of motivation. While it might seem to be cheaper than working with professionals, it might be in fact just as expensive, if not more. You need to take the cost of fuel into account – especially if you spend a lot of time drive back and forth between two properties – the cost of food and drinks that will be consumed during the move, the cost of hotels and restaurants if you are driving a long distance, etc.

Improving Your Home For Comfort And Safety

It’s not uncommon to have to think of home improvement projects when you buy your first home. Certain projects can’t be delayed, such as fixing the roof or modernising the kitchen with new appliances. Consequently, you might find that your savings are not stretching far enough for it. Whether you consider a short-term loan or a DIY approach with repurposed material, is entirely up to you. More often than not, homeowners include the estimated cost of essential improvement works directly into their mortgage agreement.

Buying A New Home

The last kind of cost you will have about houses is when you decide to step up the property ladder and buy something bigger, or in a better location. In other words, you buy more expensive. While you may partially finance your new house by selling your previous property, things rarely run as smoothly as you might hope. For a start, it’s likely that you will have to add value to your old home with smart renovation and improvement projects, such as an en-suite bathroom, a swimming pool, or even brand new energy-saving windows. If you want to sell the house at a good price, you need to invest in it. Yes, that means more costs. You’re never done spending when you have your home.