Saturday, 2 June 2018

Getting the right plant for your office space // Sponsored

A dose of green - compact and classy Creeping Figs

If you’ve got the space, and can afford a significant landscaping budget, you can opt for elaborate
landscaping themes with lots of faux plants, flowers and trees. But if you only have a small office
space, it is best to not build a fictitious jungle. Adding a couple of potted creepers can be just the
right bit of decoration. Creeping Figs are dark green in colour, which is the colour of money. What
can be more perfect in your workspace than the colour of money? So, you can choose to add a small
Creeping Fig replica or two, and add a lovely charm to your workspace.

The uniqueness quotient of creeping figs
You’re guaranteed of impressed visitors and happy employees when you bring in the magical charms
of these amazing faux plants to your workspace. Whether you line them up against hallway walls, or
use them as compact desk plants, they are sure to create an impression of classiness and style in
your office. No wonders, contemporary office stylists are depending on creeping figs as their faux
landscaping product of choice.

Choose the right replica
When you are buying an artificial plant from a reputed company, you are sure to get the best
products. But if you pay attention to detail then you might want to select your own plant instead of
letting others choose for you. If you want the closest copy then here are a few things that you
definitely should keep in mind:

 The Creeping Fig is an evergreen plant with dark green leaves. The leaves are elliptical like in
shape and can be between 2-4 inches long. So if you are buying a small potted one then
make sure the leaves are smaller and are dark green.

 When the plant matures it has small green flowers, then green pear-shaped fruits which
eventually ripens to turn purple. Since the smaller plants are not supposed to be mature it is
best to get the ones without any flowers or fruits on them.

 Since the plant is a creeper, it does not hold shape on its own. The stalks and branches of the
plant are very thin. So, if you find a copy that is holding shape do not opt for it. The more
droopy the plant the better.

 If you are making an addition to your desk then ensure that you find the right size that does
not take up too much desk space. But if you like a larger faux Creeping Fig then you can
arrange to hang it.

By paying attention to the details you can add a beautiful decoration to brighten up the office d├ęcor.Creeping Fig requires very little indoor plant care. If you cannot provide the care needed then youcan opt for an artificial Creeping Fig. By comparing the artificial plant to the real one you can get theperfect copy of the plant for your office space.

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Monday, 23 April 2018

Why The Caribbean Should Be On Your Bucket List This Year

The Caribbean is a group of islands which is situated just above South America. It is a stunning area of the world and a very popular place for people to go during the summer months. If you haven’t ever been to this small part of the world, now is the time to get out there and experience everything the Caribbean has offer.

The Caribbean is the home of some of the most stunning beaches in the world. If you want to good reason to visit this group of islands, the shimmering sands and crystal clear waters will make you want to stay here forever. The beaches provide a paradise for people to visit throughout the year, and it honestly feels as if your daily life is just a distant memory when you are there. They are stunning, relaxing places for you and your loved ones to enjoy during the summer.


One of the wonders of the caribbean is the vast amount of wildlife which graces the land and the sea surrounding the islands. If you want to see some incredible creatures during your summer holiday you can book a diving session in the sea and come face to face with bottlenose dolphins, turtles, tropical fish and coral. It will feel as if you have entered a whole new world and you can experience firsthand how these extraordinary creatures live their lives.

Amazing accommodation

With the Caribbean being such a tourist attraction, the people who own hotel here go that extra mile to make sure you can enjoy the most luxurious accommodation possible on your holiday. If you want to truly feel like royalty as you travel on your summer holiday, a hotel such as the Courtyard Port of Spain in Trinidad and Tobago will be the perfect place to stay. You’ll have access to lots of amenities, amazing food and stunning views.


The Caribbean as a whole is huge on its culture and they love to celebrate their diversity and history with the wider world. During the summer you will be able to experience some of the amazing festivals held on it’s islands, for example,e you can enjoy watching steel drummers, floats and dancers parading on the streets of Trinidad and Tobago. You’ll feel like part of their world as they invite you in and make you feel like one of their own.

The food
Because of the wide range of cultures and ethnicities which grace the Caribbean, you will be able to experience a whole new world of flavour and fusion food. From spicy fish, jerk chicken and spicy rice to the mellow coconut dishes, plantains and tropical fruits. It is certainly an experience for any food lover and you will likely come home with some new favourites to try at home!

The sunsets
At the end of the perfect summer day, you will be able to see a colourful, vibrant and stunning sunset on the beach. Sit back on your deck chairs with a coconut cocktail in hand and watch as a rainbow of colour dances in the sky. 

Monday, 5 March 2018

Photowall - The next best thing in Canvases

If you were to come to my house and walk into my living room, the first thing you would notice is what I affectionately call 'The wall of fame' which is where all the family photos hang. Having photos on display is something I have been adament about for many years and I cherish each one of them but what I really love, is having special images of my loved ones placed onto canvas.

A few weeks ago, a lovely lady called Jennifer contacted me on behalf of a swedish canvas printing company called and asked me if I would like to have a canvas made - needless to say I nearly bit her hand off.

She explained the whole process to me about how it all works and I was surprised by how unique the concept is. You head onto the website and you are given the option to either purchase one of their own prints on canvas (this can either be singular or in collage form) or upload an image of your choice which is what I opted for. The next part of the process is fantastic, instead of having set sizes for canvases which is what alot of companies have, you can choose your own dimensions. This particularly appealed to me as I have ordered canvas prints in the past and they have been considerably smaller than what I was expecting and they never quite looked right on my wall. 

I opted for a 60x80 size which may sound rather large but in my house, the walls are quite high which leaves alot of wall space that needs to be covered. Having got the tape measure out to double check the dimensions, I knew that this size would be fantastic for where I wanted the canvas to hang. Once all the details were put in and the order was placed, the canvas arrived within a few working days and I was in for a big surprise when it did.

The canvas itself arrived in a long, thin (ish) cardboard box and when I opened it, I saw that the canvas was nicely rolled up (but in no way wrinkled or damaged) and the frame was a case of putting it together. I loved this as it makes transport of the canvas alot less likely to sustain any damage (perfect considering it travels from Sweden) and this is the finished result...

 As you can see, I chose this adorable photo of my kids and I have hung it on the feature wall in my bedroom. I chose to have the picture done in black and white so that it would compliment my bedroom's colour scheme so for this, I just edited the original picture (see below)

Considering this photo was taken quickly on my Iphone and I was unsure if the quality of the image would look good when transferred to canvas, the quality itself is absolutely faultless and it came out perfectly.

From the side image, you can see how thick the frame is. It's the perfect thickness so that it doesn't float over the wall once it's been hung. You can choose to have the canvas come with a frame or not when you are ordering, again this is another fantastic feature that I'm sure appeals to alot of people.

Overall I am so impressed with this company and the quality of their items. The whole process from start to finish was so straight forward and the canvas itself is absolutely stunning. You might think ordering from abroad can be a little hit or miss but I assure you that photowall put 100% into their work and it really shows on the finished piece. 

I have to give a big shout to Jennifer who really helped me to understand how it all works and she was also kind enough to give my readers a discount code if you would like a print of your own! Woohoo!

Simply go to and go through the ordering process, then at checkout, enter the code 
to receive 20% off your canvas! Now you've definitely got no excuse to get printing those memories.