Friday, 17 June 2016

A Short Guide To Making Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

There is nothing worse than a small kitchen. The kitchen is the place where you cook, eat and socialize, so you need your space. Otherwise, you feel as if you are too cramped to enjoy your kitchen as you should. Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can use to find more space. The following might not provide you with as much space as you want, but they are better than nothing. At the very least, you will have more room to maneuver. Hopefully, that should make your life much easier when you do whatever you do in the kitchen.

Replace Wood Doors With Glass

You need to find a way to get more glass into your kitchen. The reason is simple: glass reflects light. And, the reflected light makes your kitchen seem bigger. Okay, it might not grow in size. But, you don’t need it to grow if you feel like you have more space. Space is all about your perception. As long as you feel happy with the room, you will be happy with what your kitchen has to offer. Glass cabinet doors are a great place to start. Wood does look good, but it doesn’t do anything for space. Plus, the glass will make your kitchen seem more open and light.

Use Light Colors

People use light colors for the same reason they use glass in the kitchen: they reflect light. Any light color will work as long as it is light enough to work. The most popular colors are white and cream, yet you can use whichever you prefer. A tip: match the color with the rest of the kitchen. When a kitchen is a similar color, it erases visual boundaries. The matching color tricks the eye into thinking that space is more open. Of course, that isn’t the truth. But, again, that is how you will perceive it so that's your truth.

Replace The Appliances

Appliances like microwaves and kettles take up a lot of space. Sure, you can stick them in the corner so that they are out of the way. But, let’s face it – they are always in the way. Well, they are always in the way when they could be smaller. You might not realize it, but suppliers do have a variety of appliances that they do in miniature form. Miniature doesn’t mean that they are hardly visible to the naked eye. It means that they are a size or two smaller than the conventional appliances.  If you want to take a better look, go to the What Microwave website for more information. Another cool trick is to change the layout of the kitchen. The odds are that the structure isn’t conducive to saving space. That means you want to change it so that every fixture goes in the correct place. Try and use up space in the corner of the room where it is hard to fill properly.

Reassess Your Storage Options

A small kitchen can’t afford any clutter. If you do have clutter, it means you don’t have enough storage space, or you're lazy. Because no one wants to point the finger, let’s say that you lack the storage space. Obviously, you can’t just buy some more and move it into your kitchen because you don’t have space. So, you have to get creative. Creative means that you need to find furniture or appliances that are multi-purpose. For example, you can have a breakfast bar that has shelves underneath. That way, you can use the bar as a place to eat and store your items. If you don’t like that idea, you can always use shelves. Shelves don’t take up much space and provide with lots to store your clutter.

Merge Rooms

The ultimate way to get a bigger kitchen is to merge the room with another. It is only possible to do this if you have the right structure. For example, you can’t knock down beams that hold the ceiling in place. But, if there isn’t a problem, can it is the answer to all of your prayers. The reason it works is that it utilizes the space in the other room. All of a sudden, you have more space for the kitchen. It is like taking space from the living room and adding it to the kitchen. You will need to talk to a contractor about the possibility of a merger. However, if they give you the green light, it is a realistic possibility.

Small kitchens are annoying, but they don’t have to stay small forever. 

3 Metabolism Boosting Foods (That Taste Yummy Too!)

As a mother, I like to make sure I’m making healthy foods. I want to give my family nice things to eat that will benefit them too. Recently, I found some great foods that help to boost your metabolism. This means they can help you lose weight! I’ve got my top metabolism-boosting foods in this article for you all to enjoy too. If you want to shed some lingering pregnancy pounds, then adding these into your diet will help. Plus, they help keep your family in a healthy shape too!

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For those of you that only eat turkey at Christmas, you may want to reconsider your stance! It’s proven to be an excellent metabolism-boosting food. Turkey has a high protein content, which helps keep your metabolism up and helps you lose weight. It may seem like a boring food, but there're lots you can do with it! Turkey is great in various recipes; I’m sure you’ll find something for the whole family to enjoy. Of course, you can settle with the classic roast turkey if you want a nice Sunday lunch. Then, you’ve got plenty of leftovers to make turkey sandwiches or an adventurous turkey curry! In fact, you could even use cooked turkey as a topping on a delicious pizza.

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I was surprised to learn that chilli is brilliant for your body. Obviously, too much hot stuff is going to be bad for you, so eat it in moderation! But, chillis are great for speeding up your metabolism and helping you burn fat. I won’t get too technical here, but it’s all to do with what makes them spicy. The thing that gives chillies their spice helps with metabolism. The great thing about them is that there are loads of healthy chilli snacks out there. So, you don’t have to eat raw chilli every day to get the benefits! In fact, it’s the perfect excuse to nibble on some dark chilli chocolate.


If you’re after a ‘superfood’, then spinach is the one for you. This little green vegetable has so many amazing nutrients crammed inside it. As well as speeding up your metabolism, it can help protect you against loads of diseases. I think you should get your kids eating spinach at a young age; it will be great for their health. The only drawback of this food is that some people don’t like the taste. Kids are particularly disgusted by anything green - many years of parenting has taught me that! But, you can still get your kids eating healthy spinach without complaining of the taste. Whizz it up in a smoothie and the taste will disappear. Just add it to any typical smoothie recipe and your kids will drink it without knowing it’s there, genius!

Start adding these foods into your diet if you want to see the benefits of a fast metabolism. Parenting can be hard as you don’t have much time to look after your health. You’re too concerned with the little ones, so it’s easy to keep the pregnancy pounds on for longer than you intended. Tweaking your diet is all it takes to lead to a healthier, fitter you. And, your family will stay healthy as well!

Thursday, 16 June 2016

A Beginner's Guide to Credit Cards

Credit cards can often be given a lot of bad press. But they can actually be a useful tool in your life. You just need to be sensible about it and choose the right one for you. You need to be able to budget as well. Otherwise, that is when it can be a negative in your life. If you only spend what you have, you will be fine. It is important to monitor your spending alongside with your income.

Having a credit card can help to boost your credit rating. Again, this is only if it is used in the right way. If you don’t pay off your bill, then it will lead to a bad credit rating. Having a good credit rating can help in many ways. It can help with getting a mortgage and other loans. It can affect the level of interest that you will be offered to you too. Even something like getting a new mobile phone contract will look at your credit rating. If you try to apply for a credit card and get declined, then it does affect your rating. So one of the best things to do is to get a free credit check and credit report online. Then you can see what the likelihood of being accepted is. But if you ar looking into getting a credit card, there are some things that you should consider.

wallet-908569_960_720 (1).jpg

First of all, you need to understand what a credit card is. It is almost like a short term loan as you won’t take funds out of your current account. Then you will just pay off the ‘loan’ after about thirty days. You don’t get interest on the amount you have spent if you pay it off straightaway. So that is where budgeting right comes in. If not, you’ll add interest on the daily balance.

It isn’t all doom and gloom, though. Having a credit card can offer lots of incentives and discounts too. They might offer great rates when you are abroad, so can be safer than having lots of foreign currency with you. There is more purchase protection when you buy something with a credit card. So if things get lost in transit or stolen, there is more protection. There is protection if you buy online with a credit card too. So though it will be a hassle if an item doesn’t turn up it will be a lot less stressful. Some cards even offer cash back on purchases or buying from certain places. Air miles are also a great thing to collect with credit cards.

So the bottom line is to do your research on the types of card available and the interest rates that are around. A credit card is a safer option than getting something like a payday loan. But as always the message is, if you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. A credit card should be used when you know you can pay it off but might not have the cash immediately.