Thursday, 31 October 2013

Festive Treats

Look, i won't beat around the bush, i'm a closet Christmas addict. I love the bloody holiday i really do but when you get to my age and you have a child, you have to be laid back and make it more magical for them but secretly, i am bouncing off walls here! 98% of the present shopping is done, i'm planning lists with regards to the food and now, they have started bringing in the Christmas themed goodies. The daily food shop is a grind for me, i can't stand it but when i went into Tesco's local today and saw this lot, i very nearly spasmed and threw my basket down the aisle i was that excited. I had to buy everything festive i could find and do a blog post on it before we, quite simply, demolish every last piece of chocolately, cakey goodness.

Mmmmmmmm Cake Cake Festive Cake !!

 They've got a white chocolate star in the middle of each more festive can you get?!

Cadbury's mini roll with a mint filling..why have these only just been made? Damn you Cadbury for your time keeping

Anything with a mini flake on top is a worthy opponent for my taste buds

Carl ate all of these when i bought them last time. Frankly i don't blame him because they really are like a kiss from the chocolate cake gods

 You little chocolate beauties!

Note - Sorry that they are all the wrong way, for some reason i couldn't rotate them which is so annoying i actually had a little rant. Windows 7, sometimes you can be as irritating as toothache.

Who doesn't love Kinder Eggs? These are like mini CRUNCHY eggs! * Slobbers *

Remember Malteser bunnies? Say hello to Malteser Reindeer. Mars, you've excelled your delicious self

Milk & White chocolate galaxy present things. Just, just.....keep them coming galaxy!

I've got a feeling that Carl is going to be particularly happy when i show him these goodies. Unfortunately my daughter doesn't like any of them so she got lots of Kinder Bueno's and Bounty's instead. It's Christmas! Eat, drink and be bloody merry i say!

K x

October Updates

I can't believe we're at the end of October already. I remember my mum telling me that as you get older, time goes by're not kidding! 

Alot has happened this month, mainly we've been absolutely skint. Me and Carl bring in a good monthly income but with bills needing to be paid, christmas presents, fuel and not to mention near enough £100 for car tax, we have been left a little on the poor side but thankfully it's only for this month..until the next load of bills come slamming through the door *sigh*.

October has also been an annoying 'ill' month for my family. I came down with a quite violent stomach bug that left me with excruciating back ache for a week, then Carl and our Saz came down with the same thing which meant time off work and school. Thankfully there has been no sign of a cold * touch wood * because not only do i not have time to be ill, but i know that Carl will inevitably turn it into man flu and quite frankly i don't have the patience to nurse him when all he needs is a lemsip and some!

Also this month, we have managed to completely decorate and finish 2 bedrooms ( ours and Sazza's ). In our house we decide which rooms need decorating and in which order which does make life alot easier. Me and my mum gave up smoking in August so we desperately need to redecorate the whole house because of the nicotine damage but i'm really pleased we managed to get 2 bedrooms decorated before christmas and they look amazing. Unfortunately it now means that come the new year, i'll have to take a week off work to decorate the rest of the house which to some might sound brilliant..yey a week off! Erm no, only because decorating is so boring and you only feel satisfied once you can stand back and admire, however, i live in a relatively big house and the rooms have very high ceilings and alot of wall space so it's going to be a ballache. 

All in all, October has been a busy, expensive, stressful month and i'm happy to see the back of it. 

K x

Saturday, 26 October 2013

FertilAid Supplements

It's no great shock to most of the people who know me that i am ready to have another child. As i've mentioned before, i have a 10 year old daughter from a previous relationship and she really is the apple of my eye but i am ready financially and emotionally to give her a brother or sister. Now i am with Carl who i can reassure everyone is my soul mate and the love of my life, we're ready to add to our lil family. I only wish i was ready physically..let me explain.

After i had my daughter, i decided to go on the pill ( i was never on the pill previous to my daughter being born ). I was 16 when i gave birth ( very young i know ) and i knew that i didn't want another child for a very very long time and i wanted to make sure i was with the right man for a change. The first pill i went on was Microgynon which i think is a fairly common female contraceptive. I hated it, it gave me immense headaches and i put on so much weight with it so i had to find an alternative. I moved onto Marvelon which was the polar opposite and i had no side affects whatsoever. So 11 years later, still on the pill, i met Carl who completely changed my perspective on men and it really was love at first sight. I knew quite quickly that i wanted to spend my life with him and have his children and in March this year i stopped taking the pill. I had this pre-conceived idea that once you came off the pill, you could get pregnant instantly. How wrong i was.

My periods went crazy, my cycle lengths were going from 20 days to 37 days then 42 days...they were basically all over the place and i was getting a bit concerned so i decided to visit my nurse. She explained to me that because i had been on the pill for such a great length of time, my body is in the process of figuring out how to reset itself. As much as the pill leaves the system quite soon after you stop taking it, the hormonal balance is affected for up to 6 months, in some cases much longer and this can make conceiving quite difficult....not what i wanted to hear! Luckily i have known my nurse for a long long time and i am comfortable discussing personal matters with her so i asked her if there was anything that could maybe hasten the process, well bugger me there was and here they are.

The first supplement she recommended is FertilAid. It's a well known product that is formulated by the leading fertility expert Amos Grunebaum MD. This little pill is taken 3 times a day ( each bottle is a months supply with 90 capsules ) and according to the bottle ' Promotes female hormonal balance and reproductive wellness '. My nurse told me that this brand is the best in it's field and she has recommended it to everyone who is having trouble conceiving. I will say though that i am taking this because i am impatient and i can't wait years for my body to reset itself, this is not a solution for genuine fertility issues.

The second one is where things get a little bit grim for the male population ( Carl hates the subject ). FertileCM. CM stands for cervical mucus which is the stuff women make...sorry i thought it better to describe it in a less TMI way. What i didn't know about trying to conceive is that CM is a major part of the process and in order for the sperm to make a beeline for the egg, you need a specific type of CM which is the same texture and appearance as egg white ( i still laugh when i say that ). Unfortunately since i came off the pill, mine has never been like that..again i apologise for TMI but this is a big deal to me so for once i'm being very open about things. I asked my nurse why it wasn't so and she said it was all down to the hormonal inbalance and my body trying to reset itself. These supplements are again made by the same doctor and are taken 3 times a day ( 90 capsules per pot ). On the bottle it says that they are ' Designed to support fertile quality cervical mucus and support a healthy uterine lining '. Again i do not have fertility issues i am just impatient, these are not for genuine fertility problems..go see you doctor instead :)

I have read and heard alot of very positive things about these supplements, alot from women who are in very much the same situation as me so i've already taken one of each and you take them 3 times a day so i really really hope i have some great news to share with everyone very soon :)

K x



Caffeine, Colours & Chaos

Saturday is with us and once again i woke up at a ridiculous hour when i realised that Carl had gone to work. Must be some kind of intuition thing because i find it very hard to settle back to sleep if i know he's not there..ahhh the gratifying soppy moment. So instead of lounging about in bed, i got up and went to my local Tescos to buy bacon and coke and then i see it, next to the bread and croissants, gazing at me...a new Costa Coffee self service machine. When the hell did this arrive?! ARGH !! I couldn't resist and spent no time in pressing the magical little cappucino button. Awesome.

What i have failed to mention recently, is that me and Carl are currently decorating Sazza's bedroom. Even though she has a box room, it has taken over a week ( one way or another ) for it to be anywhere near completion. The reasons being, we had to polyfilla up a load of abstract holes that had manifested in the walls, then do a base coat of gloss on the door, then paint the walls and ceiling all before this guy came yesterday to fit a very beautiful laminate floor. 

And there was me thinking that i would have an easy weekend finishing it all off and cleaning the rest of the house...ooohhh no no no. The laminate guy managed to chip off the majority of gloss paint on the door so i have to repaint the whole bloody thing again and also in Sazza's room, she has a window seat which we are painting white so that's got to be done aswell as putting together flat pack furniture. It's like my list is just being constantly added to, does anyone else feel like that? 

I will say though that her room is looking very grown up and i am taking photo's as i go. I like to think i have creative vision and i can picture how i want a room to look, much to Carl's displeasure i think because he wants a room all his own. Normally that wouldn't be a problem except, he wants it green. I have no further comment on this subject but let's just say, i am not best pleased at his choice of colour. Ugh

K x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Shoe Addiction

I speak for every woman out there when i say that shoes are the most powerful weapon in a woman's arsenal. A good pair of shoes can transform any outfit with just one slip of the foot. 
I have wanted to design my own shoes since time began and until i design at least 1 pair, that part of my life will remain forever unfulfilled and that is just not acceptable. Needless to say i have never really been into major brands such as Louboutin or Jimmy Choo ( as beautiful as they are ) but that's only because i could never justify paying a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of shoes. These celebs who have a shoe collection worth thousands of pounds, in some cases even insured for well over a million, i believe is a tad excessive. Yes i love them and i feel slightly obsessed by them, but to me, paying x amount of pounds on shoes is like rolling gold in a muddy puddle. It's stilletto suicide! And that is exactly why i love shoes from the high street and the lesser known brands.
I have lived in trainers and converse most of my life as heels were never my strong point but recently i have fallin in love with the shoe boot and peep toe. I can't believe ' peep toe ' has entered my vocab as i used to find them bloody awful but i am officially a convert and i am now exploring new horizons in the world of shoes. 
Here are a few of the shoes i have bought recently and some others that i am really liking at the moment...

These are from and cost £20. I bought these for an upcoming family wedding and think they will look great with my cobalt blue dress and black tights. My first official pair of peep toe heels! Mind blown.

These chunky monkeys are from and cost £25. I've had my eye on these for a couple of weeks and after a lot of arguing with myself, decided to buy them. Sod it, why not.

Ahhh the faithful converse. They're comfy, practical and versatile. I have only ever gone for the shoe converse because i always thought the high tops made my legs look even bigger than what they already are but alas i was prooved wrong once again and i am now getting a custom made pair for christmas. Thanks Carl xx

I found these on Pinterest and i think they are absolutely stunning. I know there is no way i would ever be able to walk in this type of heel but i love the floral design and the ballerina spaghetti straps. Lush!

I also found these on Pinterest and i instantly fell in love with them. I originally wanted to wear white converse when i got married but after seeing these, i have completely changed my mind. If anyone has any idea where i could get these from please let me know

 As a little foot note i would just like to point out to my lovely boyfriend that as much as i would love to spend our joint wages on a whole cupboard full of shoes, i will limit myself to maybe one pair a month when you go fishing or spend money on said fishing. Deal?

K x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tangalicious news

I'm such a massive arse and have massively let down my dear friend by not broadcasting this tangalicious news. 

A couple of weeks ago my dearest friend Natalie granted me the massive honour of being the first to know that she is pregnant!!! And i told her i would give her a massive mention on my blog with this awesome news. Out of all the people she could've told first, she chose me and i am so honoured. If anyone deserves to have such fantastic news it's her. She's really not had it easy for the past couple of years and she really needed something to put that lovely smile back on her face. 

I have been trying for a baby for a few months now with Carl and sadly there is no sign of a baby for us right now which is mega sad because we want it so badly but i can't help but be really happy for Nat and her other half. I do hope it's going to be a little sister for her 2 gorgeous sons, would be the perfect lil family for her. So Nat if you get chance to read this chick...

Once again i'm massively happy for you and i hope i can be a rather large part of his/her life :) 

Love K, C & S x

Weekend Update

I wasn't actually going to do a blog post this weekend but after some persuasion from my boyfriend, here i am.

Had a funny weekend overall. I am currently decorating my daughters bedroom, well, sort of. So far i have managed to clear out her big chest of drawers, take down her old curtains and Disney Princess border and fill up the holes in the wall. No she hasn't been punching the walls in a fit of rage, she's only 10 but for some reason the plaster in her bedroom is awful and because her room has 2 outside walls i don't think the weather helps but it's looking alot better now anyway. We are going for a sky blue colour with blue and white accessories. She's growing up now so time for a bedroom that she can live with through her early teens. Because i haven't been well this week, i am in the recovery period which has left me quite lethargic and not really arsed to do much. I was going to start glossing her bedroom today but after going to see the in laws and buying her big christmas present aswell as the food shopping i just couldn't be arsed, it's so bad of me. But to make matters worse, i work full time and she is having a new hard wood floor fitted in her room on friday which means i can only decorate after i have finished work. Not ideal when i want to spend time with my family and i have to cook tea etc. Argh !! But it's got to be done and i can't wait for her to see the finished article.

Unfortunately, Carl has just come down with the nasty bug i've had all week. It's not so much your average stomach bug with the whole runs and being sick etc ( sorry a little TMI there ), it's more debilitating because it is a really uncomfortable lower back ache and a general feeling of unwellness. It's not pleasant but he's a stubborn sod and is still going to work, why do men think it's acceptable to suffer and go to work yet when they have a little sniffle they make out they have the plague? Why?!

So here i am now on sunday evening watch the Strictly come dancing results with my mum and daughter while Carl is upstairs playing COD. I feel pretty wiped out, my back is still aching and i'm dreading yet another week at work but what's keeping me going is the thought that christmas will be here soon and i am only 1 present away from being finished. Who said being organised was a bad thing?

K x

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Halloween Tag

* Insert spooky ghost noises here *

Out of all the holidays the UK has, Halloween has to be one of my favourites. I know it's an American thing but us brits know how to really scare the shit out of people and i'm no exception. So with fright night a couple of weeks away, i thought i would do the Halloween Tag in it's honour. 

1. What was the first horror film you watched and how old were you? - I remember being about 8 years old and watching either 'Paper House' or Stephen Kings 'IT'. I specifically remember IT as it has left me with a fear of clowns ever since.

2. Have you ever been trick or treating? - I went once with a girl called Claire from school and after about the 3rd door we knocked i realised how stupid it was and went home.

3. Do you hand out tricks or treats? - Neither. I know i'm going to sound a right scrooge but i don't agree with trick or treating, it's border line begging. Nope don't approve..sorry kids.

4. What is your most memorable Halloween moment? - Near where i live there is an embankment which used to be an old railway line ( it's used for dog walkers and to cut across a field ) and one year, me and my friends dressed up as werewolves and hid in the bushes, jumping out on people as they walked by. Thinking back i feel kind of bad about it because the embankment has a 30ft drop at either side, we could've caused major accidents but fuck it, it's Halloween !!

5. What have been your costumes over the years? - Admittedly i have only dressed up a handful of times for Halloween but they include a werewolf, Bad Alice ( Alice in wonderland ), a devil and ghost face ( scream ).

6. What are you dressing up as this year? - Plans for this year are a little up in the air at the minute but if me and Carl do go out then i will probably dress up as Slender Man.

7. If you could resurrect 3 famous people from the dead, who would they be and why? - Hmmm ok the first would be Marilyn Monroe so she could show the world that having curves isn't a bad thing. Second would be Tommy Cooper so i could have a good laugh and the third would be Ryan Dunn, let's face it he died too young and the world is a sadder place without him.

8. What would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse? - I'd follow Simon Pegg's example..gather up my family, head over to The Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for it all to blow over.

9. You're home alone when you start hearing noises coming from upstairs. The lights suddenly go out and it suddenly gets very cold. You approach the staircase and look up to see a ghost staring down at you. What do you do? Tell whoever it is that i was trying to watch Corrie and i'm more than happy with my current energy provider so turn the bloody electricity and heating back on. No doubt this ghost is a sales rep.

10. What are your top 3 horror films of all time? - Genuinely, horror films don't frighten me but if i was to choose the top 3 that i have seen over the years they would be Insidious, Sinister & The Poltergeist Trilogy ( yeah ok Poltergeist trilogy is 3 films but i class that as a box set lol ).

So there is my Halloween tag !! Happy Halloween !!

K x

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hot Buns Review

Does anyone else get Betterware catalogues dropped through the door from time to time and you feel the need to have a flick through it just to see what tat they have? Well JML is the more up to date version of Betterware and i have a compulsive need to have a look at the JML website occasionally to see what crazy idea they have come up with this time. On this occasion, i came across Hot Buns. I'm not quite sure what drew me in, it was a toss up between the name which if you type it into google images, does not come up with hair accessories ( viewers of a nervous disposition are advised against doing this ) or the fact that it was a completely ridiculous concept. Using a netted sausage to create a hair bun in less than a minute? Ok then, if that's not funny then nothing is.

So against my better judgement on a trip to my local Asda Living, i picked up a box of Hot Buns to see if their claim is true ( also because it's just so damn stupid ). The Hot Buns come in 2 colours, blonde or dark brown and you get 2 per box ( a small and a large ) along with instructions which frankly you don't need. I picked up the dark brown ones as i have black hair and my daughter has brown..makes sense.

My daughter is generally pretty keen to be my guinea pig when it comes to hair styles and acccessories so she happily let me try this in her hair for school this morning. I took pictures of each step, it wasn't easy but i hope you get the idea.

Step 1 - Brush hair completely. It doesn't need to be straightened or have any kind of prep as it works well wither wet/dry/clean/dirty hair. Though i would recommend washing your hair, it's just nicer that way.

 Step 2 - Tie hair back into a pony tail. Depending on preference it can either be a high, medium or low pony it doesn't really matter.

 Step 3 - Hold the hot bun at the end of the pony tail and wrap the ends over. We rolled it from the top of the pony tail but you can roll it under, again it's personal preference.

 Step 4 - Roll the hot bun all the way down to the bobble ( as above ) pull it round into a doughnut shape and clip it together. If you rolled from the top like we have, the clips should be at the bottom.

Step 5 - Once the hot bun is clipped together, spread the hair around the bun as evenly as possible. I can guarantee it won't look anything like it does on the box, things like this never bloody do. Once you are happy with the hair distribution, pull the bobble from the bun and tie round the hair to secure it.

Voila !!

 After struggling with a normal hair doughnut where you have to faff about with bobby pins and hairspray, i actually found this really useful despite the humour surrounding it. My daughter loves having this in her hair and in a morning when we are quite rushed for time before school and work, it's a god send. My only one criticism is that despite what the box shows, the bun isn't tight to the head when it's put in. Now i don't know if that's because we haven't had much practice with it or that the box is just designed to appeal to you but still, it's pretty damn good anyway.

A box of 2 Hot Buns cost £9.99 which i think is fairly reasonable because they're pretty well made and you will get a fair amount of use out of them compared to the original hair doughnut which has now fallen apart after only being used a handful of times.

So yeah as much as the idea is ridiculous and a crazy idea, it actually works and i give it a 4/5 rating. Happy days hair fans

You can buy Hot Buns directly from JML   

K x 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Great British Bake Off Addiction

Ok so i know i'm not the only person who loves to indulge in the bake off every year but i am one of the few that has developed an unhealthy obsession with it.

Food Technology was my first option at school and i have a lot of bittersweet memories of the lessons ( Namely my teacher Ms Saxby....what a trout ) I also remember my friends waiting for me afterwards to 'taste test' what i had made in that lesson. Baking seemed to be at the centre of food tech, the only savoury we ever made was sausage rolls, the rest of the time it was all about biscuits and cakes which i'm assuming is where my love of baking came from.

I got into Bake Off about 2 years ago when my mum was watching it and i glanced for a couple of seconds and saw someone drop a load of flapjacks all over the floor and i thought 'Hello, i like a good food mishap' and thus was born the obsession. I never knew who Mary Berry was before bake off, she was all smiles and reminded me of my god mother who is so little and i feel the need to pick her up and cuddle her all the time ** and as for Mr Paul Hollywood, well, he is the Phillip Schofield of baking isn't he really. The whole Silver Fox tag. And then i notice Sue Perkins. Now Sue is one of my favourite faces on TV and i find the woman hilarious after watching her take part in Supersizers with Giles Coren. I was slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing...a very smiley little woman who seemed to be a baking queen, a bread making silver fox and one of my all time favourite comedians not to mention a shit load of cake, this was the ultimate televisual armageddon.

The good thing about this programme is that the contestants really are just your everyday kind of people from different backgrounds, careers etc and all they want to do is bake.Like a baking Stepford where everything is perfect, filled with pastel coloured kitchen accessories and sugar paste sculptures. I hate the generic type of cooking programmes where the contestants are obviously told what to do and what to say and then when it goes wrong they come out with choreographed lines such as ' Oh my goodness whatever shall i do '. ARGH ARGH ARGH !!!!! But with bake off, they react the same way i would when i make a hash of something. Well, i tend to swear alot and hurl abuse at the mixing bowl or something but the bottom line is...Bake off is genuine, traditional and such good fun to watch.

2013 has been a great year for Bake Off contestant wise. I admit, the past couple of years there have been a couple of contestants that i didn't really take a shining to but this year i have loved all of them especially this legend here...

This dishevelled, eccentric looking fellow is Toby who much to my disappointment was the first to be eliminated from the show this year. In all fairness he was a little rubbish, actually he was god awful but that's why i liked him. If he never improves his baking skills then he should at least be given a title and moved into a grand house with lots of land. Don't disappear Toby, make your own show!

If i was asked who i want to win this year i would really struggle to choose as the remaining 4 are really really good ( all female semi-final !! ) But i would have to say Ruby. We shall see, we shall see

**I'm not taking the piss out of my godmothers height, it's only because i tower over her that i feel the need to pick her up and cuddle her. She's awesome

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello autumn, you're not welcome

After an amazing summer where we actually had some sunshine over Hull, i'm now back to being a sulky shell of my former self because the dreaded autumn has well and truely arrived. The bright blue sky has been replaced with a grey blanket of impending doom and when i wake up every morning i have to readjust to the fact that i have not woken up in the middle of the night but 7am.

I left Carl in bed this morning and ventured downstairs to read the news and dig out my favourite mug to have a coffee. Upon opening the curtains i was met with weather of biblical proportions. It's well and truely hammering it down outside and it feels like the middle of the night. I can feel the resentment rising!

I don't know what there is to enjoy about this season. Leaves falling? Really? Are you like me and spend 90% of your day raking the bloody things out of your garden? As for halloween...ok i like halloween, it's the one time of year where i don't feel guilty for scaring the shit out of people but even so it's just a massive marketing gimmick and yet another way for people to spend their hard earned cash buying sweets for children who come begging at your door. 

As for pumpkins, they stink and make a mess. 

So yes if it wasn't already made clear, i hate autumn. If i manage to keep myself sane throughout this turbulent time then i'm going to treat myself to a new handbag. I do deserve it 

K x

Saturday, 12 October 2013

An Introduction

Hello my fellow bloggers! This smiley ( and half pissed at the time ) female you see infront of you is the new addition to the blogging! I'm not a massive fan of the whole paragraph after paragraph style of introduction so i'm going to introduce you all to myself in the form of an interview. This could prove entertaining..

Q1. Who the hell are you?

Good question. I'm Kate..well my birth name is Katy ( pronounced Kay-tee for the mentally challenged ).

Q2. Ok so we now know your name, tell us more about you...

Well i'm 27 years wise and i am mum to my 10 year old daughter Sarah. I live on the outskirts of Hull in Yorkshire. I am also in a very happy relationship with my boyfriend Carl.

Q3. Why have you decided to start a blog?

A couple of reasons. One is a way for my friends to keep track of what i get up to as i no longer have facebook ( i see it as a way to destroy your life and i'm not ready for that avenue of self destruction thankyou ) and also for me to share my opinions on things, reviews, have rants and just generally share my life with everyone. Humour is one of the greatest emotions and i love to make people laugh so why the hell not use it to my advantage, i'm crap at everything else!

Q4. Ok fair enough so what is the deal behind the name 'Pieces Of Kate'? 

I actually came up with the name quite easily. I wanted something that was a play on words and easy to remember. It came to me while i was looking through my dvd collection. I came across 'Pirates of the caribbean' and thought of ' pieces of eight '. My blog is going to be about pieces of different subjects and my name is Kate and so was born... Pieces of Kate.

Q5. Clever. So what do you hope to get out of writing a blog? 

I'm not hoping to get anything out of it because i am doing this for me. I know there are alot of people out there who only start a blog because they see it as an easy way to make money, i'm not one of those people. My time is divided between my full time job and my family and there are very few opportunities for me to do something that i can say is for me...this is for me. I know there is a possibility that if i do get a following on here then there may be an opportunity to make a little revenue but that will just be a bonus if it happens. This blog is a personal thing for me to share with old and new friends and to bring a little laughter into the world.

Q6. Ok. So you say part of your blog is doing reviews. What will you be reviewing?

Everything! Look i have read blogs and watched Youtube videos and everyone has their own specific subject when it comes to reviews. They range from clothes to gadgets but i am a little more specific, i will review everything i get my hands on. I love new things and the more random they are the better. If i buy a new dress, i will review it. If i buy a new type of chocolate bar, i will review it. I'm basically going to be your personal guinea pig. I'm ridiculously honest so my judgement can always be trusted. Wether i think something is great or a load of crap, i will voice my opinion. Why go out and buy something blind when you can read my blog and get an idea of wether you are wasting your money or not. 

* Disclaimer * Just because i have an opinion on something, it's not to say i am telling you what to do. I'm not the boss, i'm just slightly awesome

Q7. Finally, do you have any other things we can subscribe to? Twitter for example?

As i mentioned earlier i have deleted facebook and there is no chance in hell of me ever getting it back but i do plan on setting up a new Twitter account and a Youtube channel for Vlogs etc but that will happen once i have fully got my blog up and running.

I hope i've covered the basics in this little Piers Morgan style interview ( god i hate that man with a huge passion, what an arrogant arse he is ). And i will be publishing my first proper blog post in the next few days :)

K x