Saturday, 12 October 2013

An Introduction

Hello my fellow bloggers! This smiley ( and half pissed at the time ) female you see infront of you is the new addition to the blogging! I'm not a massive fan of the whole paragraph after paragraph style of introduction so i'm going to introduce you all to myself in the form of an interview. This could prove entertaining..

Q1. Who the hell are you?

Good question. I'm Kate..well my birth name is Katy ( pronounced Kay-tee for the mentally challenged ).

Q2. Ok so we now know your name, tell us more about you...

Well i'm 27 years wise and i am mum to my 10 year old daughter Sarah. I live on the outskirts of Hull in Yorkshire. I am also in a very happy relationship with my boyfriend Carl.

Q3. Why have you decided to start a blog?

A couple of reasons. One is a way for my friends to keep track of what i get up to as i no longer have facebook ( i see it as a way to destroy your life and i'm not ready for that avenue of self destruction thankyou ) and also for me to share my opinions on things, reviews, have rants and just generally share my life with everyone. Humour is one of the greatest emotions and i love to make people laugh so why the hell not use it to my advantage, i'm crap at everything else!

Q4. Ok fair enough so what is the deal behind the name 'Pieces Of Kate'? 

I actually came up with the name quite easily. I wanted something that was a play on words and easy to remember. It came to me while i was looking through my dvd collection. I came across 'Pirates of the caribbean' and thought of ' pieces of eight '. My blog is going to be about pieces of different subjects and my name is Kate and so was born... Pieces of Kate.

Q5. Clever. So what do you hope to get out of writing a blog? 

I'm not hoping to get anything out of it because i am doing this for me. I know there are alot of people out there who only start a blog because they see it as an easy way to make money, i'm not one of those people. My time is divided between my full time job and my family and there are very few opportunities for me to do something that i can say is for me...this is for me. I know there is a possibility that if i do get a following on here then there may be an opportunity to make a little revenue but that will just be a bonus if it happens. This blog is a personal thing for me to share with old and new friends and to bring a little laughter into the world.

Q6. Ok. So you say part of your blog is doing reviews. What will you be reviewing?

Everything! Look i have read blogs and watched Youtube videos and everyone has their own specific subject when it comes to reviews. They range from clothes to gadgets but i am a little more specific, i will review everything i get my hands on. I love new things and the more random they are the better. If i buy a new dress, i will review it. If i buy a new type of chocolate bar, i will review it. I'm basically going to be your personal guinea pig. I'm ridiculously honest so my judgement can always be trusted. Wether i think something is great or a load of crap, i will voice my opinion. Why go out and buy something blind when you can read my blog and get an idea of wether you are wasting your money or not. 

* Disclaimer * Just because i have an opinion on something, it's not to say i am telling you what to do. I'm not the boss, i'm just slightly awesome

Q7. Finally, do you have any other things we can subscribe to? Twitter for example?

As i mentioned earlier i have deleted facebook and there is no chance in hell of me ever getting it back but i do plan on setting up a new Twitter account and a Youtube channel for Vlogs etc but that will happen once i have fully got my blog up and running.

I hope i've covered the basics in this little Piers Morgan style interview ( god i hate that man with a huge passion, what an arrogant arse he is ). And i will be publishing my first proper blog post in the next few days :)

K x

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