Saturday, 26 October 2013

Caffeine, Colours & Chaos

Saturday is with us and once again i woke up at a ridiculous hour when i realised that Carl had gone to work. Must be some kind of intuition thing because i find it very hard to settle back to sleep if i know he's not there..ahhh the gratifying soppy moment. So instead of lounging about in bed, i got up and went to my local Tescos to buy bacon and coke and then i see it, next to the bread and croissants, gazing at me...a new Costa Coffee self service machine. When the hell did this arrive?! ARGH !! I couldn't resist and spent no time in pressing the magical little cappucino button. Awesome.

What i have failed to mention recently, is that me and Carl are currently decorating Sazza's bedroom. Even though she has a box room, it has taken over a week ( one way or another ) for it to be anywhere near completion. The reasons being, we had to polyfilla up a load of abstract holes that had manifested in the walls, then do a base coat of gloss on the door, then paint the walls and ceiling all before this guy came yesterday to fit a very beautiful laminate floor. 

And there was me thinking that i would have an easy weekend finishing it all off and cleaning the rest of the house...ooohhh no no no. The laminate guy managed to chip off the majority of gloss paint on the door so i have to repaint the whole bloody thing again and also in Sazza's room, she has a window seat which we are painting white so that's got to be done aswell as putting together flat pack furniture. It's like my list is just being constantly added to, does anyone else feel like that? 

I will say though that her room is looking very grown up and i am taking photo's as i go. I like to think i have creative vision and i can picture how i want a room to look, much to Carl's displeasure i think because he wants a room all his own. Normally that wouldn't be a problem except, he wants it green. I have no further comment on this subject but let's just say, i am not best pleased at his choice of colour. Ugh

K x

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