Saturday, 26 October 2013

FertilAid Supplements

It's no great shock to most of the people who know me that i am ready to have another child. As i've mentioned before, i have a 10 year old daughter from a previous relationship and she really is the apple of my eye but i am ready financially and emotionally to give her a brother or sister. Now i am with Carl who i can reassure everyone is my soul mate and the love of my life, we're ready to add to our lil family. I only wish i was ready physically..let me explain.

After i had my daughter, i decided to go on the pill ( i was never on the pill previous to my daughter being born ). I was 16 when i gave birth ( very young i know ) and i knew that i didn't want another child for a very very long time and i wanted to make sure i was with the right man for a change. The first pill i went on was Microgynon which i think is a fairly common female contraceptive. I hated it, it gave me immense headaches and i put on so much weight with it so i had to find an alternative. I moved onto Marvelon which was the polar opposite and i had no side affects whatsoever. So 11 years later, still on the pill, i met Carl who completely changed my perspective on men and it really was love at first sight. I knew quite quickly that i wanted to spend my life with him and have his children and in March this year i stopped taking the pill. I had this pre-conceived idea that once you came off the pill, you could get pregnant instantly. How wrong i was.

My periods went crazy, my cycle lengths were going from 20 days to 37 days then 42 days...they were basically all over the place and i was getting a bit concerned so i decided to visit my nurse. She explained to me that because i had been on the pill for such a great length of time, my body is in the process of figuring out how to reset itself. As much as the pill leaves the system quite soon after you stop taking it, the hormonal balance is affected for up to 6 months, in some cases much longer and this can make conceiving quite difficult....not what i wanted to hear! Luckily i have known my nurse for a long long time and i am comfortable discussing personal matters with her so i asked her if there was anything that could maybe hasten the process, well bugger me there was and here they are.

The first supplement she recommended is FertilAid. It's a well known product that is formulated by the leading fertility expert Amos Grunebaum MD. This little pill is taken 3 times a day ( each bottle is a months supply with 90 capsules ) and according to the bottle ' Promotes female hormonal balance and reproductive wellness '. My nurse told me that this brand is the best in it's field and she has recommended it to everyone who is having trouble conceiving. I will say though that i am taking this because i am impatient and i can't wait years for my body to reset itself, this is not a solution for genuine fertility issues.

The second one is where things get a little bit grim for the male population ( Carl hates the subject ). FertileCM. CM stands for cervical mucus which is the stuff women make...sorry i thought it better to describe it in a less TMI way. What i didn't know about trying to conceive is that CM is a major part of the process and in order for the sperm to make a beeline for the egg, you need a specific type of CM which is the same texture and appearance as egg white ( i still laugh when i say that ). Unfortunately since i came off the pill, mine has never been like that..again i apologise for TMI but this is a big deal to me so for once i'm being very open about things. I asked my nurse why it wasn't so and she said it was all down to the hormonal inbalance and my body trying to reset itself. These supplements are again made by the same doctor and are taken 3 times a day ( 90 capsules per pot ). On the bottle it says that they are ' Designed to support fertile quality cervical mucus and support a healthy uterine lining '. Again i do not have fertility issues i am just impatient, these are not for genuine fertility problems..go see you doctor instead :)

I have read and heard alot of very positive things about these supplements, alot from women who are in very much the same situation as me so i've already taken one of each and you take them 3 times a day so i really really hope i have some great news to share with everyone very soon :)

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