Thursday, 31 October 2013

Festive Treats

Look, i won't beat around the bush, i'm a closet Christmas addict. I love the bloody holiday i really do but when you get to my age and you have a child, you have to be laid back and make it more magical for them but secretly, i am bouncing off walls here! 98% of the present shopping is done, i'm planning lists with regards to the food and now, they have started bringing in the Christmas themed goodies. The daily food shop is a grind for me, i can't stand it but when i went into Tesco's local today and saw this lot, i very nearly spasmed and threw my basket down the aisle i was that excited. I had to buy everything festive i could find and do a blog post on it before we, quite simply, demolish every last piece of chocolately, cakey goodness.

Mmmmmmmm Cake Cake Festive Cake !!

 They've got a white chocolate star in the middle of each more festive can you get?!

Cadbury's mini roll with a mint filling..why have these only just been made? Damn you Cadbury for your time keeping

Anything with a mini flake on top is a worthy opponent for my taste buds

Carl ate all of these when i bought them last time. Frankly i don't blame him because they really are like a kiss from the chocolate cake gods

 You little chocolate beauties!

Note - Sorry that they are all the wrong way, for some reason i couldn't rotate them which is so annoying i actually had a little rant. Windows 7, sometimes you can be as irritating as toothache.

Who doesn't love Kinder Eggs? These are like mini CRUNCHY eggs! * Slobbers *

Remember Malteser bunnies? Say hello to Malteser Reindeer. Mars, you've excelled your delicious self

Milk & White chocolate galaxy present things. Just, just.....keep them coming galaxy!

I've got a feeling that Carl is going to be particularly happy when i show him these goodies. Unfortunately my daughter doesn't like any of them so she got lots of Kinder Bueno's and Bounty's instead. It's Christmas! Eat, drink and be bloody merry i say!

K x

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