Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Great British Bake Off Addiction

Ok so i know i'm not the only person who loves to indulge in the bake off every year but i am one of the few that has developed an unhealthy obsession with it.

Food Technology was my first option at school and i have a lot of bittersweet memories of the lessons ( Namely my teacher Ms Saxby....what a trout ) I also remember my friends waiting for me afterwards to 'taste test' what i had made in that lesson. Baking seemed to be at the centre of food tech, the only savoury we ever made was sausage rolls, the rest of the time it was all about biscuits and cakes which i'm assuming is where my love of baking came from.

I got into Bake Off about 2 years ago when my mum was watching it and i glanced for a couple of seconds and saw someone drop a load of flapjacks all over the floor and i thought 'Hello, i like a good food mishap' and thus was born the obsession. I never knew who Mary Berry was before bake off, she was all smiles and reminded me of my god mother who is so little and i feel the need to pick her up and cuddle her all the time ** and as for Mr Paul Hollywood, well, he is the Phillip Schofield of baking isn't he really. The whole Silver Fox tag. And then i notice Sue Perkins. Now Sue is one of my favourite faces on TV and i find the woman hilarious after watching her take part in Supersizers with Giles Coren. I was slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing...a very smiley little woman who seemed to be a baking queen, a bread making silver fox and one of my all time favourite comedians not to mention a shit load of cake, this was the ultimate televisual armageddon.

The good thing about this programme is that the contestants really are just your everyday kind of people from different backgrounds, careers etc and all they want to do is bake.Like a baking Stepford where everything is perfect, filled with pastel coloured kitchen accessories and sugar paste sculptures. I hate the generic type of cooking programmes where the contestants are obviously told what to do and what to say and then when it goes wrong they come out with choreographed lines such as ' Oh my goodness whatever shall i do '. ARGH ARGH ARGH !!!!! But with bake off, they react the same way i would when i make a hash of something. Well, i tend to swear alot and hurl abuse at the mixing bowl or something but the bottom line is...Bake off is genuine, traditional and such good fun to watch.

2013 has been a great year for Bake Off contestant wise. I admit, the past couple of years there have been a couple of contestants that i didn't really take a shining to but this year i have loved all of them especially this legend here...

This dishevelled, eccentric looking fellow is Toby who much to my disappointment was the first to be eliminated from the show this year. In all fairness he was a little rubbish, actually he was god awful but that's why i liked him. If he never improves his baking skills then he should at least be given a title and moved into a grand house with lots of land. Don't disappear Toby, make your own show!

If i was asked who i want to win this year i would really struggle to choose as the remaining 4 are really really good ( all female semi-final !! ) But i would have to say Ruby. We shall see, we shall see

**I'm not taking the piss out of my godmothers height, it's only because i tower over her that i feel the need to pick her up and cuddle her. She's awesome

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