Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hello autumn, you're not welcome

After an amazing summer where we actually had some sunshine over Hull, i'm now back to being a sulky shell of my former self because the dreaded autumn has well and truely arrived. The bright blue sky has been replaced with a grey blanket of impending doom and when i wake up every morning i have to readjust to the fact that i have not woken up in the middle of the night but 7am.

I left Carl in bed this morning and ventured downstairs to read the news and dig out my favourite mug to have a coffee. Upon opening the curtains i was met with weather of biblical proportions. It's well and truely hammering it down outside and it feels like the middle of the night. I can feel the resentment rising!

I don't know what there is to enjoy about this season. Leaves falling? Really? Are you like me and spend 90% of your day raking the bloody things out of your garden? As for halloween...ok i like halloween, it's the one time of year where i don't feel guilty for scaring the shit out of people but even so it's just a massive marketing gimmick and yet another way for people to spend their hard earned cash buying sweets for children who come begging at your door. 

As for pumpkins, they stink and make a mess. 

So yes if it wasn't already made clear, i hate autumn. If i manage to keep myself sane throughout this turbulent time then i'm going to treat myself to a new handbag. I do deserve it 

K x

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