Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hot Buns Review

Does anyone else get Betterware catalogues dropped through the door from time to time and you feel the need to have a flick through it just to see what tat they have? Well JML is the more up to date version of Betterware and i have a compulsive need to have a look at the JML website occasionally to see what crazy idea they have come up with this time. On this occasion, i came across Hot Buns. I'm not quite sure what drew me in, it was a toss up between the name which if you type it into google images, does not come up with hair accessories ( viewers of a nervous disposition are advised against doing this ) or the fact that it was a completely ridiculous concept. Using a netted sausage to create a hair bun in less than a minute? Ok then, if that's not funny then nothing is.

So against my better judgement on a trip to my local Asda Living, i picked up a box of Hot Buns to see if their claim is true ( also because it's just so damn stupid ). The Hot Buns come in 2 colours, blonde or dark brown and you get 2 per box ( a small and a large ) along with instructions which frankly you don't need. I picked up the dark brown ones as i have black hair and my daughter has brown..makes sense.

My daughter is generally pretty keen to be my guinea pig when it comes to hair styles and acccessories so she happily let me try this in her hair for school this morning. I took pictures of each step, it wasn't easy but i hope you get the idea.

Step 1 - Brush hair completely. It doesn't need to be straightened or have any kind of prep as it works well wither wet/dry/clean/dirty hair. Though i would recommend washing your hair, it's just nicer that way.

 Step 2 - Tie hair back into a pony tail. Depending on preference it can either be a high, medium or low pony it doesn't really matter.

 Step 3 - Hold the hot bun at the end of the pony tail and wrap the ends over. We rolled it from the top of the pony tail but you can roll it under, again it's personal preference.

 Step 4 - Roll the hot bun all the way down to the bobble ( as above ) pull it round into a doughnut shape and clip it together. If you rolled from the top like we have, the clips should be at the bottom.

Step 5 - Once the hot bun is clipped together, spread the hair around the bun as evenly as possible. I can guarantee it won't look anything like it does on the box, things like this never bloody do. Once you are happy with the hair distribution, pull the bobble from the bun and tie round the hair to secure it.

Voila !!

 After struggling with a normal hair doughnut where you have to faff about with bobby pins and hairspray, i actually found this really useful despite the humour surrounding it. My daughter loves having this in her hair and in a morning when we are quite rushed for time before school and work, it's a god send. My only one criticism is that despite what the box shows, the bun isn't tight to the head when it's put in. Now i don't know if that's because we haven't had much practice with it or that the box is just designed to appeal to you but still, it's pretty damn good anyway.

A box of 2 Hot Buns cost £9.99 which i think is fairly reasonable because they're pretty well made and you will get a fair amount of use out of them compared to the original hair doughnut which has now fallen apart after only being used a handful of times.

So yeah as much as the idea is ridiculous and a crazy idea, it actually works and i give it a 4/5 rating. Happy days hair fans

You can buy Hot Buns directly from JML   

K x 

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