Thursday, 31 October 2013

October Updates

I can't believe we're at the end of October already. I remember my mum telling me that as you get older, time goes by're not kidding! 

Alot has happened this month, mainly we've been absolutely skint. Me and Carl bring in a good monthly income but with bills needing to be paid, christmas presents, fuel and not to mention near enough £100 for car tax, we have been left a little on the poor side but thankfully it's only for this month..until the next load of bills come slamming through the door *sigh*.

October has also been an annoying 'ill' month for my family. I came down with a quite violent stomach bug that left me with excruciating back ache for a week, then Carl and our Saz came down with the same thing which meant time off work and school. Thankfully there has been no sign of a cold * touch wood * because not only do i not have time to be ill, but i know that Carl will inevitably turn it into man flu and quite frankly i don't have the patience to nurse him when all he needs is a lemsip and some!

Also this month, we have managed to completely decorate and finish 2 bedrooms ( ours and Sazza's ). In our house we decide which rooms need decorating and in which order which does make life alot easier. Me and my mum gave up smoking in August so we desperately need to redecorate the whole house because of the nicotine damage but i'm really pleased we managed to get 2 bedrooms decorated before christmas and they look amazing. Unfortunately it now means that come the new year, i'll have to take a week off work to decorate the rest of the house which to some might sound brilliant..yey a week off! Erm no, only because decorating is so boring and you only feel satisfied once you can stand back and admire, however, i live in a relatively big house and the rooms have very high ceilings and alot of wall space so it's going to be a ballache. 

All in all, October has been a busy, expensive, stressful month and i'm happy to see the back of it. 

K x

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