Monday, 21 October 2013

Shoe Addiction

I speak for every woman out there when i say that shoes are the most powerful weapon in a woman's arsenal. A good pair of shoes can transform any outfit with just one slip of the foot. 
I have wanted to design my own shoes since time began and until i design at least 1 pair, that part of my life will remain forever unfulfilled and that is just not acceptable. Needless to say i have never really been into major brands such as Louboutin or Jimmy Choo ( as beautiful as they are ) but that's only because i could never justify paying a ridiculous amount of money on a pair of shoes. These celebs who have a shoe collection worth thousands of pounds, in some cases even insured for well over a million, i believe is a tad excessive. Yes i love them and i feel slightly obsessed by them, but to me, paying x amount of pounds on shoes is like rolling gold in a muddy puddle. It's stilletto suicide! And that is exactly why i love shoes from the high street and the lesser known brands.
I have lived in trainers and converse most of my life as heels were never my strong point but recently i have fallin in love with the shoe boot and peep toe. I can't believe ' peep toe ' has entered my vocab as i used to find them bloody awful but i am officially a convert and i am now exploring new horizons in the world of shoes. 
Here are a few of the shoes i have bought recently and some others that i am really liking at the moment...

These are from and cost £20. I bought these for an upcoming family wedding and think they will look great with my cobalt blue dress and black tights. My first official pair of peep toe heels! Mind blown.

These chunky monkeys are from and cost £25. I've had my eye on these for a couple of weeks and after a lot of arguing with myself, decided to buy them. Sod it, why not.

Ahhh the faithful converse. They're comfy, practical and versatile. I have only ever gone for the shoe converse because i always thought the high tops made my legs look even bigger than what they already are but alas i was prooved wrong once again and i am now getting a custom made pair for christmas. Thanks Carl xx

I found these on Pinterest and i think they are absolutely stunning. I know there is no way i would ever be able to walk in this type of heel but i love the floral design and the ballerina spaghetti straps. Lush!

I also found these on Pinterest and i instantly fell in love with them. I originally wanted to wear white converse when i got married but after seeing these, i have completely changed my mind. If anyone has any idea where i could get these from please let me know

 As a little foot note i would just like to point out to my lovely boyfriend that as much as i would love to spend our joint wages on a whole cupboard full of shoes, i will limit myself to maybe one pair a month when you go fishing or spend money on said fishing. Deal?

K x


  1. Love your Blog! And your fashion taste is a mirror image of mine <3

    1. Oh thankyou chick :) Your blog makes me smile, i had to follow :) x


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