Sunday, 20 October 2013

Weekend Update

I wasn't actually going to do a blog post this weekend but after some persuasion from my boyfriend, here i am.

Had a funny weekend overall. I am currently decorating my daughters bedroom, well, sort of. So far i have managed to clear out her big chest of drawers, take down her old curtains and Disney Princess border and fill up the holes in the wall. No she hasn't been punching the walls in a fit of rage, she's only 10 but for some reason the plaster in her bedroom is awful and because her room has 2 outside walls i don't think the weather helps but it's looking alot better now anyway. We are going for a sky blue colour with blue and white accessories. She's growing up now so time for a bedroom that she can live with through her early teens. Because i haven't been well this week, i am in the recovery period which has left me quite lethargic and not really arsed to do much. I was going to start glossing her bedroom today but after going to see the in laws and buying her big christmas present aswell as the food shopping i just couldn't be arsed, it's so bad of me. But to make matters worse, i work full time and she is having a new hard wood floor fitted in her room on friday which means i can only decorate after i have finished work. Not ideal when i want to spend time with my family and i have to cook tea etc. Argh !! But it's got to be done and i can't wait for her to see the finished article.

Unfortunately, Carl has just come down with the nasty bug i've had all week. It's not so much your average stomach bug with the whole runs and being sick etc ( sorry a little TMI there ), it's more debilitating because it is a really uncomfortable lower back ache and a general feeling of unwellness. It's not pleasant but he's a stubborn sod and is still going to work, why do men think it's acceptable to suffer and go to work yet when they have a little sniffle they make out they have the plague? Why?!

So here i am now on sunday evening watch the Strictly come dancing results with my mum and daughter while Carl is upstairs playing COD. I feel pretty wiped out, my back is still aching and i'm dreading yet another week at work but what's keeping me going is the thought that christmas will be here soon and i am only 1 present away from being finished. Who said being organised was a bad thing?

K x


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