Saturday, 30 November 2013

Updates and Blogmas News


Bit of a different blog post today because i have been at a family wedding all day and although i have alot of things to do reviews on, i'm too tired and if i'm honest, a little too tipsy to take photos/swatches etc so i will leave that for another time but until then, i have a few updates.

I haven't been very well recently and it's really starting to piss me off. I suffer with a stress related oral problem called Kanker Sores. They are horrible white masses from the ulcer family that develop on the inside of the cheek near the throat and they flare up through stress. If you think how painful a little mouth ulcer can be on the tongue, multiply that by 1000 and you will understand the pain from a Kanker sore. The pain itself is not only on the sore itself but it moves to the ear, jaw and cheek bone and it's awful. It's worse at night because i wake up multiple times having to take ibuprofen and waiting for them to kick in before i can try fall back to sleep, all the time trying not to wake Carl up from all the tossing and turning. It's dying down now but i can't understand why i got it this time because i haven't been stressed at all. Bloody thing!

On the 13th of December, Carl and Me will have been together a year and what a year it will have been. I've really made some huge mistakes when it came to men and i gave up hoping i would find the one but i have and we are talking about kids and marriage. I'm extremely happy and he is too which helps! Will def be doing a little blog post on that day to celebrate it :)

Finally, it is the 1st of December tomorrow which means advent calendars and the start of the festivities. I actually plan on doing Blogmas which is blogging for 25 days through December so i can document everything that i do over Christmas and this will be mine and Carls first proper Christmas living together which is exciting. It's going to be a real challenge doing a full days work, being a mum and girlfriend and finding the time to make a blog post but i will do it and i can't wait! There will plenty of photos and i can predict alot of hilarious moments so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i will.

Hope you're all enjoying your saturday night whatever your're doing 

K x

Monday, 25 November 2013

The Christmas Tag

Oh dear me, not only do i start my Christmas shopping in August every year but i am now really getting a little festively obsessed and doing the Christmas tag in November. #WayTooOrganised.

The thought wouldn't have crossed my mind if it wasn't for Kirstie at A Yellow Brick Blog tagging everyone in her Christmas tag so thankyou Kirstie, my festive fascination and excitement is now 10 fold. Come Christmas eve i'll need a straight jacket to contain myself.

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
It's got to be Wizzard - Wish it could be Christmas everyday. It's the only festive song that will get me up dancing and going mental around the dining table.

2. Which is your favourite festive drink?
On Christmas morning, we always mix up a batch of bucks fizz ( orange and champagne ) to drink while we open presents but we've got bored of it so we're going for peach balinis this year instead mmmm. Carl will opt for Lager, but later on we'll indulge in a night of Jager bombs oh ayeee.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas film?
In all honesty, i don't have time to watch Christmas films and frankly, they're all repeats anyway but i will never say no to watching 'The Holiday'. It's one of the most festive, feel good films there is with alot of laughs included, perfect for Christmas eve.

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
A baby. Ok it's a little cliche but me and Carl really want to add to our family, Sarah will be 11 next year so it's time we gave her a brother or sister and i'm keeping everything crossed that we will get what we both want more than anything else.

5. What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look? I don't change my make up to match the time of year, i can't be arsed with it but my nails are usually in a dark colour such as purple or black. On Christmas day ( unless i'm going somewhere ) i don't wear make up, i don't see the point.

6. What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas jumper? PJ's?)
Anything comfortable for during the day, leggings and a nice top or something similar. Again if we're going out i'll doll up a bit but generally i opt for comfort over style on Christmas day. There's nothing worse than wearing something tight while eating your Christmas dinner #Bloat

7. Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from inside with the fire and a cuppa?
I HATE the snow, i hate the cold so my answer to that one is pretty obvious.

8. Wrapping presents - love or loathe?
Both. I find wrapping presents very therapeutic if i'm left alone to do it with the TV on and a nice smelling candle burning away but i also get really pissed off with it because when you think you've wrapped everything, you find another bag/box filled with presents that still need wrapping. ARGH !

9. What is your favourite Christmassy food? 

Christmas dinner everytime, especially pigs in blankets. Food always tastes different when you eat on Christmas day, weird but i like it.

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Not feeling guilty about getting drunk and eating a ridiculous amount of food, having family all together, Christmas dinner, seeing my daughter open her presents...ahhh everything :)

I tag EVERYONE to do their own Christmas tag, can't wait to read them all 

K x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Weekend Update

I really should start doing a weekend update every week, makes sense doesn't it? Anyway, I had a really nice weekend up until 2am this morning but i'll get to that a bit later.

Carl was at work once again yesterday morning, getting used to him being at work every saturday now. As much as i hate the fact we can't have a lie in together, we both think of the money he brings in which is never a bad thing. We ended up going out to meet his parents at Toys R Us in the afternoon to give our verdict on the scooter they are buying our Sarah for Christmas and we made a cheeky little pit stop at Maccy Ds ( McDonalds ) for some dinner oh yes. I also got Carl to watch the first Hunger Games too seeing as we were off to see the second one later..he actually enjoyed it woohoo !! 

In the post this morning, i received a little infinity bracelet that i ordered myself from here but for some reason i had 2 of them. I don't know if it was a mistake or if it was a B.O.G.O.F but i gave the other one to Carl. Makes sense for us both to have one...Infinity, together forever mushy slushy? You get the idea. So cute though and so cheap too! You know i love a bargain. Maybe it's a sign being sent 2 of them? Who knows.


Later on it was time for date night. We'd booked ticket to go see Hunger Games Catching Fire but went out for a Burger King before hand..i know 2 take aways in a day is shocking but come on, it's nearly christmas and it was date night, good excuses i say.

The film was really good, i'm not going to give anything away but let's just say it's pretty intense. I wasn't expecting Carl to enjoy it much but when we were walking out he said how good it was...hoorah! Now if i can just get him to watch Twilight ;). But seriously, i recommend going to watching Hunger Games, it's genuinely very very good but if you've never seen it before, you really should watch the first one before anything otherwise the second part will make very little sense. 

So yeah, everything up until 2am this morning was great so what happened at 2am to change it all? Well i woke up with the all too familiar pain of kanker sores. Kanker sores are the worst type of mouth ulcer and they develop and the back of your mouth on the cheeks. They are ridiculously painful and usually flare up due to stress but i have had no stress in my life recently so i have no idea what brought it on. The pain gets so severe that it eminates from the ulcer into the cheek, ear and jaw. Yeah it fucking hurts! I spent the majority of the night tossing and turning, taking ibuprofen and holding ice against the ulcer until it got to about 7 am and i must have been so exhausted i fell asleep through the pain. 

Unfortunately the pain can last for days, i've been suffering with it all day on top of being absolutely shattered i really haven't been feeling 100% but i'm rock and roll and have managed to prepare a chicken dinner regardless. Brownie points i believe are required for this magnificent show of perseverance. Oh and of course a huge thankyou to my gorgeous boyfriend for going out and buying my ibuprofen and cherry coke and making me a coffee and bacon butties..what a hero.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

K x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Collection Privee by Eva - Review


Applying lipstick at the end of your make up routine is a bit like adding icing on a cake, it's the finishing touch and completes your war paint. I have been faithful to one lipstick for over 10 years and it is from a drugstore in France that my cousin sends over to me ( i can't pronounce the name so there is no way i can spell it out on here ). But as i get older, i have to accept that my make up must follow suit and lipstick is no exception. 

I can't wear red lipstick or anything dark for that matter so i stick to nude shades. I recently saw an advert for a new lipstick from L'oreal, well it''s a range of lipsticks if we're going to get picky and i had to give it a try.

 Instead of going into the shop and doing random swatches of lipsticks, L'oreal have a system on their site where you choose which ambassadors shade is right for you. The ambassadors are...

  • Eva Longoria
  • Doutzen Krous
  • Freida Pinto
  • Julianne Moore
  • Cheryle
  • Liya Kebede
To discover the shade that's right for you, you select an option from each down bar which is appropriate to you and these include your hair colour and skin tone. Pretty clever really.

I did mine and with my dark hair and olive skin ( i'm lucky enough to keep a tan for years so i'm never pale or in need of fake tan, i feel the envy ), my nude shade ended up being the one by Eva Longoria.

Love the packaging

Looks like i've got a ridiculously fat wrist here
Ok i grant you that the lipstick and the swatch don't look nude at all and when i received it in the post i wasn't all that enthusiastic but when you put it on your lips, it looks really good and is actually a nude shade. Clever. 

When you go to buy it, the L'oreal site redirects you to the Boots website and they cost £8.19 which i think is quite reasonable. Of course prices may differ from other stores/sites.

If you like nude shades then i would definitely recommend Collection Privee and coming from someone who can be quite picky when it comes to lipsticks, i'd take my recommendation as gospel

K x

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Our Little Book Of Memories


One thing i cherish above all other possessions are memories. I have kept photo albums, i print photos all the time, i have written diaries in my younger years, i pretty much document everything in my life because one day, someone will ask you about your life and let's face it, you will need some help remembering everything and that's why i'm so thrilled to have found this!

This is what me and Carl will be writing in for the next 3 years. It's the ' Our Q&A a day 3 year Journal '. It's laid out like a diary going from 1st January - 31st December and each page is set out like this...

Each page has 3 sections where you add what year you are writing for and 6 lines, 3 for yourself and 3 for your partner. At the top of every page, there is a question that both of you answer. Some of the questions are things like ' What is your partners current mood?' or ' Describe your partners laugh '. Others are things like ' Name a time when you panicked the most ' or  ' What is the meaning of love? '. 

The whole purpose of the book ( as described on the back ) is it is a sort of time capsule but you don't have to find objects or write letters and put it into a box in the ground. To me and Carl, it's a way to document all the things we love about each other and show it to our children/grandchildren when they are older. 

This is the 3 year journal but you can also get a 5 year one and one that is specially made for children. I bought this from Amazon <--- click this link to buy it for yourself and i have just ordered one for my daughter aswell.

If you're into memories and want a nice way to keep them all together then i would definitely recommend this. It's a really sweet idea and something that you can keep with you forever, unlike a real time capsule where you have to leave it for 50 years and get your hands dirty digging the bloody thing up. Why make life difficult for yourself?!

K x

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Fudge Haircare

Most women are loyal to one brand of shampoo/conditioner, others simply buy whatever is on offer at the time but i am one of those that very rarely strays from one brand. The brand in question is Fudge. Now i know this is very common in Australia ( i know this because my cousin who lives in Australia, his wife is a hairdresser and told me about Fudge haircare ) but i'm unsure how popular it is over here in the UK. I've never seen it in my hairdressers so i wouldn't know. Has anyone else seen it in their hairdressers? Anyway, Fudge haircare is amazing. They do all sorts of products including shampoo and conditioner, hair styling products, shower gel etc. 

I have very thick hair that grows rapidly. I have lost count of the amount of friends who have expressed their jealousy over my hair and how they wish they had mine instead of having to rely on hair extensions. Seriously, having thick hair that grows quick is not a blessing, it's a pain in the arse! It takes 20 minutes to wash my hair and it's not that long, it's only about 7 inches past my shoulders! And for this reason, i tend to use alot of shampoo and conditioner to make sure my hair is clean, this in turn leads to a ridiculous amount of build up. I can't win! But that's why i use these 2 bad boys.

The first is Fudge Detox Deep Cleanser Shampoo ( orange dispenser ). This shampoo is amazing, you only need an almond sized amount of product and it will wash your hair brilliantly ( i wash mine twice, again it's because it's so thick ). It smells of chocolate orange :) But seriously, if anyone has build up of products in their hair, you need a good clarifying shampoo and i can't recommend this one highly enough. It makes my hair feel really light and soft and i can tell once it's been styled that all the crappy buildup has gone. It's a god send i love this stuff.

The second is Fudge Smooth Shot Conditioner ( grey dispenser ). You can't have hair like mine without using conditioner. I have gone without using conditioner once in my 27 years when i was at Reading festival with my sister and my hair was like straw....never again! As with the shampoo, you really don't need much of this stuff to get good coverage on your hair. When i apply it to the ends of my hair, they instantly feel revived and softer. The smell reminds me of being at the hairdressers which is always a good thing. Another good thing about this conditioner, is it contains heat protectors so when/if i style my hair, i don't need to use an excessive amount of heat protectant spray. 

I buy Fudge products direct from the website where they have a rewards system, a bit like a Boots advantage card. But i'm sure if you shop around, you could buy it cheaper ( i prefer to know i'm getting the real deal ). I will also recommend a couple of other products from Fudge that i use regularly down below aswell as prices.

** At the minute, have 30% off everything...woohoo!! **

Fudge Detox Deep Cleanser Shampoo 1ltr - £18.89 Buy It Here
Fudge Smooth Shot Conditioner 1ltr - £18.83 Buy It Here
Fudge Head Shine Spray - £10.16 Buy It Here
Fudge Glitter Blast - £7.10 Buy It Here

** Additional - Fudge have not contacted me to try and sell their products. I just can't praise them enough and i want to share the company with everyone because it's really good. Simple **

K x

My new winter candles

As far as i'm concerned, once my car shows off it's little snowflake symbol on the dashboard, it is well and truely winter and that means it's time to swap around my candles. I love candles, i won't deny it and i think Carl actually gets really pissed off with me everytime i buy a new one but...i like candles so therefore, i shall buy them. Amen to that.

My 2 candles of choice for this winter are : Air Wick Black Edition - Purple blackberry fig
                                                                 Glade blackberry frost

This Air Wick candle has been available for some time now but i never thought to buy one before now. I'm a bit dubious of candles that claim they do things other than burn and smell nice but my friend had this burning on in her living room last year and it does actually change colour, like a mood light. Mega pretty. It's an interesting smell, to me it doesn't smell of blackberry or fig, it's more like incense. Infact it reminds me of the shop where i get my piercings done called Kathmandu in Hull. Still, it smells nice and looks pretty.

I saw this advertised on the telly box a couple of weeks ago and i was instantly attracted to the idea of  'Blackberry frost'. I bought this little fuschia pink beauty from my local Tesco for £2! Bargain!! This smells amazing, it's without a doubt blackberry but the smell is really wintery and welcoming. If i was having a Christmas party, i would have this burning all the time. I love the packaging too, i love the way Glade candles are in little glass bowls but this one is particularly pretty with the snowflakes. It says it burns up to 30 hours but because i love the smell and it's only £2 at the moment, i may have to buy more to see me through the festive period because i'll be burning this baby alot!

K x

Friday, 8 November 2013

Upcoming wedding outfit


Me, Carl and Saz are off to his cousins wedding at the end of November and after having a good root around in my wardrobe, i realised that i had absolutely nothing acceptable to wear. I was informed that this won't be a real flashy wedding and to turn up in jeans but you can't do that can you ( as tempting as it is, i love jeans ) so i decided to buy myself a whole new outfit without breaking the bank..take a bow bargain hunters. 

Peplum frill blazer - Ebay £18.99
Sleeveless flared dress - Ebay £9.99
Bangle - New Look £5.99
50 denier black tights - £4.00
Cut out lace platform shoes boots - Select £20.00

Granted i know i said i was going to venture away from my traditional black clothing but i have added a massive splash of pink with the dress and it's November so technically a winter wedding, i don't want to be dressed like it's summer and on top of all that, no one is getting particularly dolled up so this is along the lines of smart/casual and i can live with that. 

I know alot of people can be very dubious of buying clothes on Ebay but give it a try. I saw a similar jacket to this one in Lipsy and it was nearly £40! Give Ebay a try people, it's an Aladdins cave! I would of posted a pic of myself in the outfit but i want to surprise Carl in it first :)

K x

Thursday, 7 November 2013

My Playlist 2013


This is actually my very first request for a blog post and it was to do my favourite songs of 2013. I was asked in October and i thought hmmm it's a bit premature but thinking about it, there have been some amazing songs out this year and frankly, if any more come out between October and December i'll be impressed. So i've looked back over the year ( and my Ipod ) and compiled a list of my fave songs of this year. Enjoy!

Rizzle Kicks - Skip to the good bit

Drake - Hold on, we're going home

Bastille - Of the night

Little Mix - Move

Daft Punk - Get lucky

Martin Garrix - Animals

OneRepublic - Counting stars

Will I Am/Dizzee Rascal - Something really bad

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

These are the songs i've listened to the most, there are so many more that i've found way too bloody catchy but not all of us have that kind of time to upload them all onto here...sadly. 

K x

Monday, 4 November 2013

The Part Time CALL OF DUTY Widow

CoD Widow - The term used for devoted girlfriends and wives who lose their partners to the Call of Duty (COD) games. They may sometimes have mere words muttered to them in a whole 24 hours, whilst online gameplay is active.

I am joining the thousands if not millions of women who in just under 2 hours will be CoD Widows for the next few months. I however will only be a part time widow because i actually enjoy playing Call Of Duty but i prefer the Black Ops version and the new one is Modern Warfare...does anyone actually know what i'm talking about? Probably not.

As i'm typing this, Carl has been queuing up since 6:30pm this evening waiting for the bloody thing to be released and he still has to wait until midnight to get his hands on it. I just don't get why it's so bloody important to sit in the cold for 6 hours waiting for a game that you can order online and get a day earlier..well i found it, it's because you get a shit load of freebies if you queue up for it. Unless one of the freebies is a trip to New York or £10,000 i don't see the point, what is it with men and freebies anyway?

So i have been warned that i will be given limited attention for the next few weeks and i am infact 'on call' to provide him with drinks and snacks while he plays. I will of course do it for him but my god he will owe me one hell of a treat when he tires of playing, mark my words i have his number.

Women of the world, my fellow CoD widows...If our men have the right to play a game and having us waiting on them hand and foot, then with god as our witness we are entitled to foot rubs, shopping sprees and no cleaning for a month to compensate! Amen!!

K x


Saturday, 2 November 2013

Mind The Gap, Victoria!

Hello my fellow bloggers!

What many people don't know about me, is that before i ventured into University and the counselling world, i went to college and studied beauty therapy. I have no idea what i was thinking, i was young and frankly my GCSE's weren't brilliant so it was an easy option. While there, i learnt how to paint nails properly, acrylics basically everything nail related and it's these little tit bits of information that have stuck with me ever since ( probably the only good things that came from college, apart from my friends of course! )

I used to bite my nails to hell, although i never got to the stage where you can pretty much see the nail bed unlike my sister..tut tut V. But after my daughter was born i decided to start growing them and ever since, i have painted my nails regularly and i hate them not having any colour on. My favourite brands are Models Own & Rimmel London, simply because both of these types of polish produce a really rich colour and don't chip easily, which in my job and daily life is a bonus. 

I will say though that i am not the type of person who matches their nail colour to the time of year, for example- using pastel shades in summer and berry colours in autumn/winter. It's just not me, i prefer to match them to my mood. And seeing as i am in a relatively chirpy mood at the minute, i went out and bought this little beauty...

Bear in mind, it was morning when i took this photo so the lighting is affecting the colour a little. The colour is a little bit darker than what you see here..sorry, blame mother nature

Ok it's not very autumnal, it's more a holiday/summer type of shade but like i said, i'm in a chirpy mood at the minute and this pastel blue really fits my mood right now. I always put on 2 coats of nail varnish because i love the pop of colour, whereas if you just apply one coat i don't think you can appreciate it's true shade. 

This is Rimmel London 60 seconds in the shade #503 Mind The Gap, Victoria . I bought it from Boots as part of a 3 for 2 offer but i think if you bought it by itself it costs £3.99 which is the average price for Rimmel nail varnish and a i bargain i think.

Little tip - If your nail varnish is clagging up and can't be applied in neat strokes then add a couple of drops of nail varnish remover to the bottle, replace the brush/lid and give it a few shakes. Should be as good as new :) 

K x