Sunday, 10 November 2013

My new winter candles

As far as i'm concerned, once my car shows off it's little snowflake symbol on the dashboard, it is well and truely winter and that means it's time to swap around my candles. I love candles, i won't deny it and i think Carl actually gets really pissed off with me everytime i buy a new one but...i like candles so therefore, i shall buy them. Amen to that.

My 2 candles of choice for this winter are : Air Wick Black Edition - Purple blackberry fig
                                                                 Glade blackberry frost

This Air Wick candle has been available for some time now but i never thought to buy one before now. I'm a bit dubious of candles that claim they do things other than burn and smell nice but my friend had this burning on in her living room last year and it does actually change colour, like a mood light. Mega pretty. It's an interesting smell, to me it doesn't smell of blackberry or fig, it's more like incense. Infact it reminds me of the shop where i get my piercings done called Kathmandu in Hull. Still, it smells nice and looks pretty.

I saw this advertised on the telly box a couple of weeks ago and i was instantly attracted to the idea of  'Blackberry frost'. I bought this little fuschia pink beauty from my local Tesco for £2! Bargain!! This smells amazing, it's without a doubt blackberry but the smell is really wintery and welcoming. If i was having a Christmas party, i would have this burning all the time. I love the packaging too, i love the way Glade candles are in little glass bowls but this one is particularly pretty with the snowflakes. It says it burns up to 30 hours but because i love the smell and it's only £2 at the moment, i may have to buy more to see me through the festive period because i'll be burning this baby alot!

K x

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