Saturday, 16 November 2013

Our Little Book Of Memories


One thing i cherish above all other possessions are memories. I have kept photo albums, i print photos all the time, i have written diaries in my younger years, i pretty much document everything in my life because one day, someone will ask you about your life and let's face it, you will need some help remembering everything and that's why i'm so thrilled to have found this!

This is what me and Carl will be writing in for the next 3 years. It's the ' Our Q&A a day 3 year Journal '. It's laid out like a diary going from 1st January - 31st December and each page is set out like this...

Each page has 3 sections where you add what year you are writing for and 6 lines, 3 for yourself and 3 for your partner. At the top of every page, there is a question that both of you answer. Some of the questions are things like ' What is your partners current mood?' or ' Describe your partners laugh '. Others are things like ' Name a time when you panicked the most ' or  ' What is the meaning of love? '. 

The whole purpose of the book ( as described on the back ) is it is a sort of time capsule but you don't have to find objects or write letters and put it into a box in the ground. To me and Carl, it's a way to document all the things we love about each other and show it to our children/grandchildren when they are older. 

This is the 3 year journal but you can also get a 5 year one and one that is specially made for children. I bought this from Amazon <--- click this link to buy it for yourself and i have just ordered one for my daughter aswell.

If you're into memories and want a nice way to keep them all together then i would definitely recommend this. It's a really sweet idea and something that you can keep with you forever, unlike a real time capsule where you have to leave it for 50 years and get your hands dirty digging the bloody thing up. Why make life difficult for yourself?!

K x

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