Monday, 25 November 2013

The Christmas Tag

Oh dear me, not only do i start my Christmas shopping in August every year but i am now really getting a little festively obsessed and doing the Christmas tag in November. #WayTooOrganised.

The thought wouldn't have crossed my mind if it wasn't for Kirstie at A Yellow Brick Blog tagging everyone in her Christmas tag so thankyou Kirstie, my festive fascination and excitement is now 10 fold. Come Christmas eve i'll need a straight jacket to contain myself.

1. What is your favourite Christmas song?
It's got to be Wizzard - Wish it could be Christmas everyday. It's the only festive song that will get me up dancing and going mental around the dining table.

2. Which is your favourite festive drink?
On Christmas morning, we always mix up a batch of bucks fizz ( orange and champagne ) to drink while we open presents but we've got bored of it so we're going for peach balinis this year instead mmmm. Carl will opt for Lager, but later on we'll indulge in a night of Jager bombs oh ayeee.

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas film?
In all honesty, i don't have time to watch Christmas films and frankly, they're all repeats anyway but i will never say no to watching 'The Holiday'. It's one of the most festive, feel good films there is with alot of laughs included, perfect for Christmas eve.

4. What is at the top of your Christmas wish-list this year?
A baby. Ok it's a little cliche but me and Carl really want to add to our family, Sarah will be 11 next year so it's time we gave her a brother or sister and i'm keeping everything crossed that we will get what we both want more than anything else.

5. What is your favourite festive makeup or nail art look? I don't change my make up to match the time of year, i can't be arsed with it but my nails are usually in a dark colour such as purple or black. On Christmas day ( unless i'm going somewhere ) i don't wear make up, i don't see the point.

6. What is your favourite outfit at Christmas time? (LBD? Christmas jumper? PJ's?)
Anything comfortable for during the day, leggings and a nice top or something similar. Again if we're going out i'll doll up a bit but generally i opt for comfort over style on Christmas day. There's nothing worse than wearing something tight while eating your Christmas dinner #Bloat

7. Would you rather play out in the snow or enjoy it from inside with the fire and a cuppa?
I HATE the snow, i hate the cold so my answer to that one is pretty obvious.

8. Wrapping presents - love or loathe?
Both. I find wrapping presents very therapeutic if i'm left alone to do it with the TV on and a nice smelling candle burning away but i also get really pissed off with it because when you think you've wrapped everything, you find another bag/box filled with presents that still need wrapping. ARGH !

9. What is your favourite Christmassy food? 

Christmas dinner everytime, especially pigs in blankets. Food always tastes different when you eat on Christmas day, weird but i like it.

10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Not feeling guilty about getting drunk and eating a ridiculous amount of food, having family all together, Christmas dinner, seeing my daughter open her presents...ahhh everything :)

I tag EVERYONE to do their own Christmas tag, can't wait to read them all 

K x

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