Monday, 4 November 2013

The Part Time CALL OF DUTY Widow

CoD Widow - The term used for devoted girlfriends and wives who lose their partners to the Call of Duty (COD) games. They may sometimes have mere words muttered to them in a whole 24 hours, whilst online gameplay is active.

I am joining the thousands if not millions of women who in just under 2 hours will be CoD Widows for the next few months. I however will only be a part time widow because i actually enjoy playing Call Of Duty but i prefer the Black Ops version and the new one is Modern Warfare...does anyone actually know what i'm talking about? Probably not.

As i'm typing this, Carl has been queuing up since 6:30pm this evening waiting for the bloody thing to be released and he still has to wait until midnight to get his hands on it. I just don't get why it's so bloody important to sit in the cold for 6 hours waiting for a game that you can order online and get a day earlier..well i found it, it's because you get a shit load of freebies if you queue up for it. Unless one of the freebies is a trip to New York or £10,000 i don't see the point, what is it with men and freebies anyway?

So i have been warned that i will be given limited attention for the next few weeks and i am infact 'on call' to provide him with drinks and snacks while he plays. I will of course do it for him but my god he will owe me one hell of a treat when he tires of playing, mark my words i have his number.

Women of the world, my fellow CoD widows...If our men have the right to play a game and having us waiting on them hand and foot, then with god as our witness we are entitled to foot rubs, shopping sprees and no cleaning for a month to compensate! Amen!!

K x


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