Friday, 8 November 2013

Upcoming wedding outfit


Me, Carl and Saz are off to his cousins wedding at the end of November and after having a good root around in my wardrobe, i realised that i had absolutely nothing acceptable to wear. I was informed that this won't be a real flashy wedding and to turn up in jeans but you can't do that can you ( as tempting as it is, i love jeans ) so i decided to buy myself a whole new outfit without breaking the bank..take a bow bargain hunters. 

Peplum frill blazer - Ebay £18.99
Sleeveless flared dress - Ebay £9.99
Bangle - New Look £5.99
50 denier black tights - £4.00
Cut out lace platform shoes boots - Select £20.00

Granted i know i said i was going to venture away from my traditional black clothing but i have added a massive splash of pink with the dress and it's November so technically a winter wedding, i don't want to be dressed like it's summer and on top of all that, no one is getting particularly dolled up so this is along the lines of smart/casual and i can live with that. 

I know alot of people can be very dubious of buying clothes on Ebay but give it a try. I saw a similar jacket to this one in Lipsy and it was nearly £40! Give Ebay a try people, it's an Aladdins cave! I would of posted a pic of myself in the outfit but i want to surprise Carl in it first :)

K x

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