Sunday, 24 November 2013

Weekend Update

I really should start doing a weekend update every week, makes sense doesn't it? Anyway, I had a really nice weekend up until 2am this morning but i'll get to that a bit later.

Carl was at work once again yesterday morning, getting used to him being at work every saturday now. As much as i hate the fact we can't have a lie in together, we both think of the money he brings in which is never a bad thing. We ended up going out to meet his parents at Toys R Us in the afternoon to give our verdict on the scooter they are buying our Sarah for Christmas and we made a cheeky little pit stop at Maccy Ds ( McDonalds ) for some dinner oh yes. I also got Carl to watch the first Hunger Games too seeing as we were off to see the second one later..he actually enjoyed it woohoo !! 

In the post this morning, i received a little infinity bracelet that i ordered myself from here but for some reason i had 2 of them. I don't know if it was a mistake or if it was a B.O.G.O.F but i gave the other one to Carl. Makes sense for us both to have one...Infinity, together forever mushy slushy? You get the idea. So cute though and so cheap too! You know i love a bargain. Maybe it's a sign being sent 2 of them? Who knows.


Later on it was time for date night. We'd booked ticket to go see Hunger Games Catching Fire but went out for a Burger King before hand..i know 2 take aways in a day is shocking but come on, it's nearly christmas and it was date night, good excuses i say.

The film was really good, i'm not going to give anything away but let's just say it's pretty intense. I wasn't expecting Carl to enjoy it much but when we were walking out he said how good it was...hoorah! Now if i can just get him to watch Twilight ;). But seriously, i recommend going to watching Hunger Games, it's genuinely very very good but if you've never seen it before, you really should watch the first one before anything otherwise the second part will make very little sense. 

So yeah, everything up until 2am this morning was great so what happened at 2am to change it all? Well i woke up with the all too familiar pain of kanker sores. Kanker sores are the worst type of mouth ulcer and they develop and the back of your mouth on the cheeks. They are ridiculously painful and usually flare up due to stress but i have had no stress in my life recently so i have no idea what brought it on. The pain gets so severe that it eminates from the ulcer into the cheek, ear and jaw. Yeah it fucking hurts! I spent the majority of the night tossing and turning, taking ibuprofen and holding ice against the ulcer until it got to about 7 am and i must have been so exhausted i fell asleep through the pain. 

Unfortunately the pain can last for days, i've been suffering with it all day on top of being absolutely shattered i really haven't been feeling 100% but i'm rock and roll and have managed to prepare a chicken dinner regardless. Brownie points i believe are required for this magnificent show of perseverance. Oh and of course a huge thankyou to my gorgeous boyfriend for going out and buying my ibuprofen and cherry coke and making me a coffee and bacon butties..what a hero.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

K x

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