Saturday, 14 December 2013

Barry M Haul ( Nails )


I've never really invested in anything from Barry M before. I think i may have some random eyeshadow somewhere but apart from that, i have never really classed them as one of my go to brands. Because of this, i decided to have a little splurge and try some of their highly acclaimed nail varnishes.

From L to R - Vivid Purple, Matt White, Nail Affects ( Black ), Cobalt Blue, Matt Nail Paint ( Espresso )  
Vivid Purple

Matt White

Nail Affects ( Black ) on top of Matt White ( Above )

Cobalt Blue

Matt Nail Paint ( Espresso )
I have to admit i love all of these colours. When you buy things like nail varnish online, you never know if the colours you see on the site are what they will be in person but these definitely are. I have heard so many things about nail crackles in the past and i found it hard to believe they worked but i was seriously impressed and found watching the crackle take affect really quite exciting...god i'm sad! I especially love the Matt nail paint. It's like you've gone back to school where you used to colour in your nails with felt tips, it has a Matt feel to it aswell as appearance which i love. 

I bought all of these from the Barry M Website and at the time they were on 3 for 2 and i think in total i spent about £14 which is very reasonable. 

What's your favourite nail varnish? Is yours from Barry M too?

K x


  1. I love Barry M nail polish, I find it doesn't chip as much as the other nail polishes I own. I love the vivid purple and cobalt blue! I have never tried the crackle effect nail polish but its looks so good. I think I will now! x


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