Sunday, 22 December 2013

BarryM Glamour Puss Eye & Cheek Palette Review

The name BarryM just screams nail varnish but the make up element of the brand does get overlooked more often than not. When i bought a little haul a month or so ago on their website, i had a look at the make up on offer and decided to try out their palette.

And i regret wasting my money. Oh BarryM you dissapoint me so. I had really high expectations for this palette because with it being quite a big brand, i expected the eyeshadows to be seriously vibrant and pigmented. Oh how wrong i was.

So sad :(

I don't exagerate about many things in life but this is by far some of the worst eyeshadows i have ever seen. There is so little pigment in them that you would have to mix it up with water so you could shovel it on in an attempt to get some kind of coverage. These swatches were made with 7...yes 7 layers of each colour which is not impressive at all. The only good things about this palette are the blush which is subtle and a nice colour ( two necessary factors to a good blusher ) and the brush that came with it. 

I know that BarryM will never match up to the likes of Urban Decay with their naked palettes but come on, they should know their stuff by now and know the make up market surely?

I've given this palette to my 10 year old daughter so she can play about with it because this really isn't suitable for me. I know it was fairly cheap at £6.49 but even with it being limited edition, i'm really not overly enthusiastic about this purchase at all.

If you like what you see then you can buy it here but personally, i'd recommend you save your money and buy some nail varnish instead. Sorry BarryM

K x


  1. I am glad you have done this post as I was considering buying it, and I will be avoiding now! So thanks for sharing :-) x

    1. You're very welcome. Seriously, spend your money on something else alot nicer lol x


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