Sunday, 1 December 2013

Blogmas: Day 1

IT'S HERE! 1st December..Pinch Punch First Of The Month. ARGHHHHHH CHRISTMAS!!!

Ok Kate calm the f*@k down woman, breathe...

Right hello everyone, it's Blogmas Day 1! It truelly was like someone sprinkled me with magical christmas glitter when i woke up this morning because unlike every other day, i woke with a smile on my face and was a little bit too keen to open my Malteser advent calender, much to Carl's annoyance because he was looking forward to a lie in..oooops.

So with the 1st December, comes the extensive list of jobs that need to be done before Christmas day so our first port of call was the local recycling centre or ' The Tip ' to get rid of the old carpet out of our Sarah's room. 

 < --- It seems everyone had the same idea because the place was packed! Oh god look how dirty the window is :(

<---- This made the car absolutely stink of fust because it's been outside in the rain and god knows what else for nearly a month. Yuk

After the trip to the tip ( we all love a little unplanned rhyme ), myself and Carl had to go do some shopping. 

First of our destinations was Iceland to go and have a look for Christmas food. I usually leave Iceland dissapointed around December because all the stuff they advertise on the TV usually sells out within days but i was really chuffed to find chocolate cherry cups and a Pina Colada dome mmmmmm.

Our next port of call was a local shopping park. Carl went to take some trousers back while i ( on my mums orders ) went into Marks & Spencer to spend £20 worth of vouchers. I hate M&S i feel completely out of place in there and feel like i'm being watched but oh my god they have some nice stuff in there this year...

Once i found some party food, i realised i still had money left over so i went over to the seasonal section and saw that they were doing 3 for 2 on selected items. I ended up buying these...

<--- This is for Sarah. It's 3 tins each containing a different treat. The large bottom tin has a massive bag of chocolate buttons, the middle has popcorn and the top had an Aero type Father Christmas. So festive and i love the packaging.

<--- This for Carl because he loves white chocolate, he loves humorous food and he always has some kind of facial hair going on. Needless to say he enjoyed it and it didn't touch the sides

<--- And this for myself. It is a little sack filled with toffee popcorn covered in white chocolate and cinnamon. Not tried it yet but it sounds amazing!

He's so happy it's nearly Christmas, he just won't admit it :)

After a quick trip to Morrisons to pick up some essentials, we got home and Carl made bacon butties for lunch. He's a good un really.

My boyfriend makes the best bacon butties. Fact

For the rest of the day, we all chilled out and did very little. Carl played on CoD ( of course ), myself and my mum watched a shit load of Nigella christmas programmes and Sarah played on the laptop. Nice relaxed sundays are the best.

Carl offered to make tea too which was awesome. We had drummers, sticky chicken skewers and wedges..soooo good. He's being so nice today, wonder what he's after lol.

K x

Foot note : I really wanted to do Vlogmas but i'm not confident enough to film yet but i'm confident that come next christmas i will be vlogmassing like a pro and having a regular channel on Youtube :)

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