Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Closing shop temporarily, family issues

Hey everyone. This is going to be a little blog post to tell you why i have to close shop as it were.

For the past couple of days, my mum hasn't been very well and as she is in a wheelchair with type 2 diabetes, it's making things a little more difficult.

I have decided to take time off work to stay at home with her as Carl is out all day at work and my brother and sister both live out of the city so i am pretty much the only person who can be around for her.

Also, because i will be having to dedicate my time to looking after my mum aswell as my family, i won't have time to do any blogging or even do blogmas and i'm really upset about it because i love this blog and doing blogmas was a really exciting prospect but as it stands, my mum is alot more important to me right now.

I will be returning to blogging as soon as she has a clean bill of health which i'm hoping will only be a couple of days or so.

K x

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