Tuesday, 10 December 2013


Hi everyone!

So nice to be back to my blogging. I have had literally the hardest most draining week since last tuesday when all the problems started.

As i stated in my previous post about having to 'close shop', my mum had fallen ill and it turned out to be alot more serious than a suspected stomach bug. Let's just say an ambulance, drips and a week in hospital eminated from it. She was extremely ill and i was very very worried for her as were my brother and sister but she is now out of hospital and recovering at home. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about why she was in hospital as it is a private matter but it was a scary time for all of us. Welcome home mum!

Like i said, it's really nice to be back blogging again. I've been checking in on Bloglovin and having a look at some of my favourite blogs, one of the few things that has got me through the past week.

I have so many blog posts planned that i actually filled up my Pukka Pad with lists, notes and samples. I'm doing a little shopping tonight while my daughter is at the pantomime with school so i'll pick up a new notebook and fill that up aswell! So many reviews coming up, i can't wait.

K x

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