Sunday, 15 December 2013

OZ called, Dorothy wants her nail varnish back


If anyone else got the December Glossybox then you will be familiar with the nail varnish i'm about to talk about. It's this...

This is from a brand called Seche. I've never heard of it before i received it in my Glossybox so i have no idea if it's new or popular in another country maybe? Anyway it's in the colour Bella and it is a deep scarlet shade with a very slight shimmer. I personally have never been a huge fan of red nail varnish, if i'm honest i think it's a little bit tarty but that really is personal taste...not to say anyone who wears it is a tart lol. 

Hmmmmm yeah i'll be honest i really don't like this. It's a very Christmas esque colour but it's definitely not for me. As much as i'm impressed by the one coat coverage, it does chip like crazy. I've had a pretty lazy day but the majority of it has started to chip away from the nail tip and all i've done is put the washing on.

I think the retail for this is £6. If i saw this in a shop i wouldn't pay that amount for it and i would stay away from the colour. Shame really...i needed a nice Christmas colour for my nails too.

K x

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