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Review of 2013

I can't believe 2014 is just around the corner. Where has this year gone?! It's been pretty eventful for me and my family with plenty of good and bad times but i want to share every little bit of it with the world and look back on it in years to come.


My works Christmas party. At the time i used to work in a hotel ( one of the worst jobs i've ever had ) and i wasn't really that excited to have a Christmas do with the people i worked with but all in all it was pretty eventful. It was the first night out me and Carl had as a couple and we made it good. Only downer was Carl got absolutely blasted and was throwing up for the majority of the night. 

The other event in January was Carl becoming an uncle for the 3rd time when his sister Sam gave birth to a beautiful little girl called Grace. 


This month, i became an auntie for the 3rd time when my sister in law gave birth to my beautiful little nephew Flint. I of course have Sarah and my sister has 2 little boys so my brother and his wife having a baby was a long time coming for our family. Me, mum, Carl and Sarah went down to Cambridge to see then all and i absolutely fell in love with him. He was perfect in every way and i was uber proud of my brother and sis in law for doing a good job ( so to speak ). 

It was also valentines over the weekend we were there so me and Carl went out for a really nice meal and stayed in a local hotel, it was really nice to have some alone time while mum and Sarah stayed with my brother. 


My god this month was difficult for me. Firstly Carl went on holiday with his family for a week. I fell in love with Carl the moment i saw him and the thought of being apart from him destroyed me. These photos were taken on the day he was going away and when i had to leave his house, i drove down the road and had to pull over and cry my heart out. Sad? Maybe but i was truely head over heels in love with him, still am and facing a whole week without him was scary. When he was coming home, i parked my car outside his house waiting for him to show up and honestly when he did, it was like a scene out of a romance novel lol. We ran to each other and he grabbed me and hugged me so hard it was just amazing. I later found out that through the whole week, he had been missing me just as much as i had him. We promised to never be apart from each other for as long as that ever again because it was just too hard on us, it also made us realise how much we love each other.

Carl ended up in hospital towards the back end of March. He was vomiting alot and complaining of chest pains so i knew i had to take him to hospital. We ended up being in there for hours before being told he may have a blod clot in his lungs. As you can imagine this really scared us both and he could do nothing but have tests done and wait. Eventually after 10 hours, we were told that all the pains were eminating from his vomiting and basically his gag reflex had pulled a chest muscle. We laughed about it afterwards but at the time, i was so worried for him. With us being at hospital for 10 hours and not getting home until 8am the next day, we slept like babies.


It was my mums birthday, but apart from that we had quite a boring April overall


On the 19th May, Sarah turned 10. I can't believe my little girl is 10 years old, she's grown up so quickly. We wanted to make it special for her so me and Carl took her to Alton Towers for a day at Splash Landings, an overnight stay in the hotel and then the park the next day. We all had an amazing time and it will be a birthday to remember. 

I also left my god awful job at Hallmark Hotel this month and i have never felt more relieved to see the back of the place than i did on 23rd of May. I have absolutely no regrets in handing my notice in, i was miserable everyday i worked there, i didn't really get on with anyone because they were all stuck up bastards and driving away from the place was like driving away from the gates of hell. Relief!

We also bought 2 rabbits this month. Shadow ( Black ) and Flapjack. We absolutely loved them and Sarah was in her element. Unfortunately, i discovered not long after we got them that Flapjack wasn't well and took her to the vet. She was very ill and was kept in overnight, she died while she was there. We were gutted. A couple of days later, i woke to find that Shadow had died at some point during the night too. After taking her to the vet ( in the shop we got them from ), we discovered that thankfully it was nothing we had done but they had got the rabbits from a new breeder and they believed they had contracted some kind of virus from infected rabbits and had not been immunised against common rabbit diseases. An investigation was made into what happened and we were offered a full refund and replacement rabbits. We refused the rabbits because it was too traumatic for us to have any more after what had happened. We were so upset but we hope that something like this never happens again and proper breeders are used in the future. 

One of the massive things to happen in May was Carl moving into my house. He had his own house but moving in with me seemed the right thing to do because apart from it making financial sense, we couldn't bare to be apart from each other. It was a really big step in our relationship and i have no regrets at all.


Another eventful month as it was mine and Carl's Birthdays. His was on the 11th, mine was on the 28th and we both turned 27. He bought me this gorgeous bunch of flowers and i got him some vouchers for his favourite fishing shop. Even after 6 months of being together, we were still learning about what each other liked so we didn't go mad with presents. But having birthdays within a couple of weeks of your other half is majorly useful.

I also started my new job in June at MITIE which is a cleaning and environmental services company. I can't go into too much detail about what i do because i am contracted to work for The Police but let's just say, it's a pretty grim job and you need a strong stomach to do it. But i enjoy it because i am out and about everyday and not stuck in a building from 9-5.

June was also the month when i became an official Fishing Widow. Carl is fanatical about fishing, i knew this when we first got together but throughout the year, i began to realise just how dedicated he was to it. He went to Northampton with his friends for 3 days of fishing and i missed him massively. Even though we promised we would never be apart from each other again, i had to make a compromise because fishing is a massive part of his life. He actually did pretty well and i knew from then on that he would be going away throughout the fishing season more regularly. I can't stand it and find it boring as hell but he's really good at what he does and he's really focusing on his fishing in 2014 and hoping to take it to the next level with sponsorships and YouTube this space!


My little girl left year 5 and began her summer holidays. At this point i was struggling to come to terms with the fact that Sarah would be doing her SAT tests the following year. She's growing too quick!

It was the christening of Carl's niece and nephew this month and it was the first big family event i had been part of with regards to his family. It was a really nice day and it was nice to be a part of it. Thankfully the kids were well behaved, but Grace did kick off when the water was put on her...don't blame her, i wouldn't be too thrilled either.


In August, we travelled down to Devon to spend the weekend with our friends and their daughter Holly. It was the first time Carl had met them and it was the first we had met Holly. They live in this little cottage in the middle of nowhere and it's the kind of place where no one can hear you scream lol. It's very remote and there is no phone signal whatsoever ( This pissed Carl off because he loves checking Sky News ). It was a nice weekend away and me and Carl managed to steal some time away on our own and go to the local pub and play pool. Holly is amazing and she really took to Carl and Sarah.


My room was a very pale pink and seeing as me and Carl were now sharing the same bedroom, we knew we had to make it a room ' for both of us '. Our bedroom is the biggest in the house and it took so much work. We stripped all the walls, lined them with backing paper, painted them then did a feature wall aswell as all the glossing and accessories. We went for a New York theme with a New York theme wall which has different pictures of places in NY. The walls are a very pale stone grey colour and we have white, black and silver accessories. Even though it may sound quite a boyish room, i have added girly touches with candles and a large wicker heart aswell as fairy lights. We both said it was like a fresh start and it really was...even though we were bloody knackered afterwards. Carl did an amazing job with all the papering, it wouldn't look as good as it does if it wasn't for his hard work.

Sarah started year 6 this month and it was a massive transition for all of us. Year 6 is the year before she will move up to secondary/high school and she has her SATS to concentrate on. Thankfully she has a really nice teacher this year unlike the one she had in year 5 who was this horrible Dickensian style teacher who quite clearly hated children. She loves year 6, i don't think she wants to leave!


One rule in my house is that when one room gets decorated, the others quickly follow suit and this year it was no exception. Sarah's room had been pink and yellow for years and it was time for a change. Now she is 10, she wanted a grown up bedroom and that's what she got. We paid a bollock for hardwood flooring but when she had carpet, she covered it in nail varnish, paint and crayons so it was sensible to get her a floor we could actually clean. When her room was finished, she said it was like being at the beach...success!


5th November 2013...the day i had been dreading for months because it was the release date of the new Call Of Duty. I love CoD myself but i prefer the Black Ops version. This one however is Modern Warfare and Carl warned me that for the next few months he would become a recluse playing it..he wasn't wrong. He queued up the night before until midnight so he could buy it and get some freebies and like he said, i barely saw him for the next few days. Every night he is on it without fail playing with his friends, at least he's quiet.


December didn't get off to a good start for me. My mum fell ill and was taken to hospital and it was quite serious. I won't go into detail but it was connected to her type 2 diabetes. It was a really frightening time for us all and we were hoping she would be ok and well enough to get out for Christmas. Thankfully she was and she is now on proper medication and has made a full recovery.

On 13th December, Carl and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. We are definitely one of those couples that feel like we have been together for alot longer and Carl has said that he wishes we had met sooner ( he can be a soppy sod when the time is right ). We went out for a nice meal at the place where we first met and it was really sentimental to be there again. Because it was so close to Christmas we didn't go mad with presents but he got me these gorgeous flowers and some chocolate and i got him a little plaque and a huge block of chocolate too. We always involve chocolate in our presents somehow Haha. 

Christmas was great this year. It was mine and Carl's first proper Christmas together because last year, we had only just become a couple so it was all a bit too quick but we really made up for it this time. We were all spoilt rotten and the Christmas dinner was a delicious success and no burnt veg in sight ( 2 years ago i had a major hangover and managed to burn the swede..wh00ps )

 On Christmas Day evening, we went to Carl's parents house where i got even more presents and Sarah was spoilt even more. I also met Carl's other grandparents for the first time which was really nice. Carl's dad Chris got a remote control helicopter for Christmas and after we figured out how to make it work, he managed to get it flying and smash a glass bauble. Quite a skill.

Something else we also came back with apart from presents was a nasty stomach bug from Carl's sister Sam. First Sarah came down with it, then Carl then my mum and thankfully they are all better now and only seemed to last 24 hours but for some crazy yet brilliant reason, i haven't had it so i have been looking after everyone and making sure everyone had a drink and plenty of toilet roll. Felt like Florence Nightingale!

So that has been my year! I still have New Year to come but i will be doing a seperate post on that and i will also be doing a Christmas and Sales haul too. 

I hope everyones year has been a memorable one and i hope that you all have a very happy New Year

K x

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