Sunday, 1 December 2013

There's a new product in town


Even though i have spent along time moisturising and cleansing my face, i fear i am guilty of not toning it * gasps *. As an ex beauty therapist trainee, i should know better and i have had no end of grief off my best friend ( a mobile beauty therapist ) for failing to include such an important part of skincare. So i have decided to do something about it and went on the search for a good toner. My quest was short lived because during the weekly shop at my local Morrisons, i came across this.

This is the L'Oreal Skin Perfection solution and it was nestled away among all the Simple and Tea Tree products. As you can see from the picture, it states that it is a 3 in 1 Micellar Solution and by Micellar, they mean that instead of spreading the solution around the face like conventional wipes and lotions do, this picks up grease/dirt/make up etc as it goes along the skin and doesn't move it around the face. The 3 main factors of this product are..

  1. Dissolves make-up
  2. Unclogs pores & removes impurities
  3.  Tones and soothes skin
And i can safely say that this product is amazing! Let me just shout that....IT'S AMAZING!!!! On the back, it states that when you put it on the skin, it just feels like water and it really does. So many facial products i have used that claim to do the listed 3 things have either been greasy, oily or left a nasty residue on my face but this on the other hand is very different. I was at a wedding yesterday and still had some make up on so i applied some to a pad and started moving the pad over my eyes. 

Firstly, this stuff doesn't sting the eye area like so many others do, it really is like using water. Secondly it removed every single bit of make up and didn't streak it along my face and thirdly, even though i wash my face daily, this solution brought up so much muck and impurities from my face that i had to use 2 pads before they came away clean.

I'm mad about this product it really does exactly what it says on the tin and even though i suffer with extremely dry and sensitive skin, this has not disturbed my skin whatsoever.

At Morrisons, i think it cost about £3 which is an absolute steal! Prices may vary in other supermarkets and places like Boots/Superdrug etc but i can't recommend it enough if you want a toner that does it's job and alot more besides.

K x

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