Sunday, 29 December 2013

What i'm hoping for in 2014


I've seen this post on a few blogs over the last couple of days and i actually had an idea to do one myself before i realised how popular it is. I have put together a list of all things i am hoping for in 2014 and by the end of the year, i will bring the list back up and do a new post where i have crossed them all off ( hopefully ). So what am i hoping for next year?...

1. A baby

I make absolutely no bones about this because it has been my wish for so long now to give Sarah a little brother or sister. I've never been more ready to become a mum again and thankfully, Carl is just as determined to become a dad in 2014. A baby would complete our family ( for now anyway ). I would love nothing more than to have a little boy and give Carl a son. Out of all the things on this list, i really hope that this is the one i get to cross off. 

2. Matching tattoos 

Believe me i know the madness and cliche behind matching tattoos but this is something me and Carl have both talked about and it's definitely on the cards. We have ideas about what we want but we want it to be unique to us. 

3. Leave my job

My job is bloody difficult and can be incredibly boring at times. This isn't the job i want to be in for the rest of my life and i hope that once i get my name out into the world, i will be able to leave MITIE and start working from home with my own business. Completing this in a year might be tricky but i'll give it a bloody good go.

4. Carl becoming the next best thing in fishing

This is quite a bold statement and a pretty big achievement but i have every faith in him taking his fishing career to new heights. I'm hoping that he manages to get some sponsorships from some of the big names in fishing and kickstart his blog and YouTube channel.

5. Lose weight

As much as i want to say that i am happy with my body, i'm not. It's time i took some control over my life and went back to 10 stone. Luckily i have a boyfriend who loves me regardless and i love him for that but i'm sick of not being able to wear nice clothes and my hips sticking out a mile on either side of me. Time to put my foot down and get healthy.

6. Sarah having a smooth transition into secondary school

Saz starts year 7 in September and it's a scary time no matter how confident you are. I really hope that she settles in well and strives to be the best she can be in her studies.

7. Another niece of nephew

This goes for my side aswell as Carl's. My sister has 2 boys and she doesn't want anymore but i know that my brother and his wife want more so i'm hoping they can help me out in crossing this one off. Or for that matter, Carl's sisters having more? Either way i hope this won't still be on the list by the end of 2014.

8. Making my first Youtube video

Oh god i am putting this one off because even though i'm a confident person when i have come out of my shell, my initial phase is to clam up and hide. This is a massive priority for me next year and i will find the courage to do it one way or another.

9. Mums health improving

My mum hasn't been well towards the end of this year and because of it she is now on medication. I really hope that next year there will be no more health problems, stays in hospital or additional medication. A clean bill of health would be perfect

10. Carl popping the question

Haha i know that he will read this and it is a bit of a joke. We both know we want to marry each other but fortunately, Carl is not the type to do a proposal on a specific day like valentines or Christmas so it could come anytime but he knows how much i love him and that i want to spend my life with him so this last thing on my list is the only one i can't cross off...only he can. 

K x


  1. I love your goals for the upcoming year! I too have wanted to do a YouTube channel for sometime. I actually filmed my first video today :) I think it's a good way to keep track of how much you change over time, so I finally did it! I also hope your daughter has a VERY smooth transition into a new school. (I'm a freshman this year so I understand the nerves of that, but it's not bad at all) Enjoy your New Year and I cannot wait to read more on your blog :)

    1. Aw this is the nicest comment i've ever seen! Thankyou so much for your encouragement it means alot. So you made your first video? Wow congrats! Is there any way we could talk so that i could get some tips off you about what to do in my first vid? I'm terrified and don't really know where to start. lol

    2. Awe thank you! And I agree I'm terrified about it as well, but after doing it I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track and of course we could talk over email if you would like!

    3. Brilliant! My email is look forward to chatting to you :)


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