Saturday, 11 January 2014

Disney Infinity For Xbox Review

In the Pieces Of Kate house, we have a Playstation 4 and an Xbox 360. I personally can't stand the Playstation, it annoys me whereas the Xbox is a league all it's own. 

For Christmas 2013, Sarah's main present was Disney Infinity for the Xbox. Disney Infinity was released in late 2013 and is basically the best thing since Kinect in my opinion.

 In the Infinity starter box, you get the base, the game itself, a gaming cube, Infinity power disc and 3 figures...Mr Incredible, Jack Sparrow & Sully ( You can't get different characters in the starter box ).

The base is connected to the Xbox via a USB lead that goes into the rear of the console. In the hexagonal space at the top, you place the gaming cube or the Infinity Power disc. The gaming cube is used to enter the characters different worlds and do challenges and games etc, the power disc is for when you want to build your own world which i will talk about in a minute. 

The gaming cube.

The Power Disc - This one actually turns the sky in Toy box to night time! Very pretty and Sarah's Favourite

 When you first power up Infinity, you are asked to create an account which is just your e-mail and a password of your choice. I was a bit concerned about this but it turns out it is needed for free online content that you get with each starter pack and character set. Once this is completed, you begin a little tutorial showing you how to walk, jump and interact with things but even this bit is great fun! 

Now to the fun part. Once your tutorial is over and done with, you enter The Toy Box . This is basically your starting point for Infinity where you see the Disney Castle and you can build whatever you like! Also in The Toy Box is the gaming platform where you can enter the different parts of Infinity. 

So how do you play? Well let's say you want to play Monsters Inc. You would place Sully on the first circular space ( this is player #1 ) and the gaming cube onto the hexagonal space and then after a few screenshots popping up, you will be in the Monsters Inc world! The second circular space is for the additional character to the one on the first circular space for example you could have Jack Sparrow on #1 circle and Barbosa on #2. You do this when you wish to play as a multiplayer. Each world and characters have their own challenges but you can also just mess around, there are no set rules with Infinity and that's one of the reasons i enjoy it so much.

Now for the characters...

The figures you get in the starter box
 In every starter box of Infinity it includes Mr Incredible, Jack Sparrow & Sully figurines but you can buy so many other characters for it seperately including Toy Story, Cars, Jack Skelington ( Nightmare before Christmas ) and loads more. My mum bought Saz The Sidekicks character pack for Christmas which is the match for these ones. You get Mrs Incredible, Barbosa & Mike ( See Below )

Sorry the photo is a little blurred here
 The Disney Infinity Starter Box costs around £50 now i think that's incredibly reasonable for all the stuff that is included. Character sets vary in price because you can either buy them seperately or as a set. When you buy them seperately they are around the £12 mark, as a set they are around £25. That might seem extortionate for just some figurines but bare this in mind. With every new character you get a new gaming cube and power disc and the game play is extensive. Infinity doesn't have an ending it goes on and on, the possibilities for game play are endless so in my opinion, £25 for new figurines is a steal!

I personally love Disney Infinity, myself and Sarah have had many hilarious nights playing it. What i will say is, Sarah will be 11 this year and she can play it no problem but Carl's sister was telling me she was planning to get it for her eldest who is 4 but they were unsure as to wether it may be too advanced for him. I'm afraid it is in a sense that young children may have a hard time doing the quests and alike but as for general game play, it's suitable for all ages.

I give Disney Infinity 5

K x


  1. Great review! It's great to see adults and kids enjoying Infinity together, exactly what we hoped when making the game.

    -Thomas, Infinity animator

  2. Hi! I really like your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :) The details are all on my blog!

    Beth xxx

    1. Seriously? Bloody hell thankyou very much! I've just got back from a really crap day at work and this has made my evening. Thanks!

      Kate xx

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