Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ebay Special - 15 Piece Nail Art Brush Set

I admit i am a somewhat frugal person and i need to be able to justify the price of something. Don't get me wrong, i do occassionally fork out on the essential things in life...such as Converse and Soap & Glory * Ahem * but generally, i will look at the price of something i want and think ' Erm yeah i'm not paying that, i'll find it cheaper else where ' and 99% of the time i do just that!

And that ladies and gentlemen is where Ebay comes in. I have a gander on Ebay daily because i can guarantee there will be something in the ethos that i want and i will check on there first just to see if i can get it dirt cheap. I hate hate HATE the select few people who refuse to shop on there, why the hell not?! Do you really enjoy spending 4 times more on something when you can get it for a fraction of the price? Dear me some people need educating...ok ok rant over i will boil away my anger in my own time but for now i will talk about my most recent purchase on Ebay.

11 years ago before i realised that when i left school, i needed some kind of direction in life, i decided to sign up to do a beauty therapy NVQ at my local college because my friend Sara from school was doing it. I had no interest in beauty whatsoever but at least i was with my friend. While there i actually learnt a fair bit and i also learnt how to do nail art. Part of my course was to buy all the relevant materials and i remember my nail art brush set costing around £30 ( an obscene amount of money ). I love painting my nails and after a year, the majority of the brushes snapped so i went on my beloved Ebay and found these...

I bought these from here at the absolutely ridiculous price of....99p and with £1.39 postage i have saved around 96% compared to the set i bought for my college course.

The set itself looks very professional and comes in a plastic pouch for easy storage. The set consists of 15 various brushes ranging from precision fine liners to fan brushes and everything inbetween. 

For a total price of £2.38, i have secured myself a fantastic nail art brush set and the satisfaction of knowing that my beauty therapy teacher was wrong when she said ' The set is expensive but will last you forever '.

Seriously give Ebay a chance. You may get satisfaction from saying you bought something from a designer shop but not half as much satisfaction as you will get from saying you got it at a fraction of the cost.

K x

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  1. Agree! sometimes Ebay is a good alternative to buy things! with much cheaper cost!
    Do share if you find another ebay deals ;)


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