Monday, 20 January 2014

Iphone Photo Album - January Edition


So i realised i don't really show off the photo's that i take on my phone, i only ever upload the photo's from my cameras so i am starting a new blog post which i'll put up every month with the photo's i have taken. It's going to be random, a little weird and fiercely delicious. So let's start as we mean to go on with the January edition.

How amazingly delicious are these! Ok so i'm being biased, i made them and they were bloody gorgeous but who doesn't blow their own trumpet now and again? These cake pops were made using the cake pop maker Carl bought me for Christmas. It's an amazing little machine, a bit like a waffle iron. You pour in your chosen cake recipe, shut the lid and in 4 minutes ( yes i know 4 minutes is ridiculous ) you have amazing little balls of cakey goodness! These were a joint effort between me and Sarah and needless to say, they didn't last long.

These pictures of Angry Cat were the result of what i like to call ' bed time madness '. Me and Carl work ridiculously hard through the week and come 10pm were nackered so once Sarah is in bed, we go and get our heads down too but ocassionally, we will get the phone out and look up funny videos and photos. Our obsession this month is Angry Cat. We both love cats and we were rolling around in stitches after finding these 3 pictures. Carl now frequently says ' Non ' to everything.

Oh Carl you silly sausage. Between the both of us, we have a lot of clothes and not alot of storage space. In the chest of drawers, we both have a draw each for underwear and we share a drawer for socks. Carl generally leaves for work before i do and he tends to get dressed in the dark to save waking me up and this is what happens when he does. He came home from work one night and told me that he had managed to put on my socks instead of his own. I guess it was inevitable.

 Ugh this photo really pisses me off. This was taken at work 2 weeks ago. I can't go into too much detail about my job for security reasons but i basically work for the police. I am an environmental cleaner for them. I basically clean carpets and prison cells. I had to take this photo to remember where i had got up to on the carpet because my allocated time had run out for that day so i had to leave. I really dislike my job, i drive all over the county, i'm frequently working at night and i rarely see my family during the week. It's bollocks but hopefully it's not forever.

I'm 27 and i still eat Kinder Eggs. I see absolutely no reason why i should give up the milky chocolately goodness of them because i am an adult. Generally, the toys in Kinder Eggs are pretty rubbish but i was thrilled when i got these, aren't they cute?! According to the little picture that came with them, they're supposed to hug but mine don't seem to...they're fiercely independent. The brown one looks like he's saying ' Come on then if you think you're hard enough ' and the white one is saying ' Oh i dunno Dave, this aint no Beatrix Potter book '.

Ahhhh my beautiful cat Maria. I have had Maria and her sister Tia since i was 15 and i love them dearly. We have always had cats in our family and each of them have had very different personalities but Tia and Maria are a brand all their own. Maria is obese and paranoid whereas Tia is normal weight and extremely friendly. We have never over fed Maria, it's just how she is and we love her for it. But what made me laugh was the other day when she was watching Tia walk into the room and i realised that Maria had a clevage! She is the cat that keeps on giving!

Me and Carl always said that we would hate to get into a routine, so instead we have created little traditions and one of them is our late night Saturday kebab. When everyone has gone to bed, Carl will go out and get a kebab for us both and we will sit on our bed and watch Only Fools & Horses or Rude Tube. Ok so it's not exactly healthy and we feel like we've swallowed a piano afterwards but we love it.

This pleases me every time i see it. Over Christmas, i discovered the choc orange mocha latte at Costa and i was obsessed as was our Sarah so when it was taken off the menu i was gutted until i realised i could ( probably ) make it myself. I bought some Monin Triple Sec off Ebay and set off on my mission to recreate this amazing drink. I BLOODY DID TOO! 

A dash of Monin Triple Sec
1 teaspoon Wispa hot chocolate powder
2 teaspoons coffee
Squirty cream
Chocolate powder

Costa, i love you but i know your secret. Coffee ninja all over!

It may not seem a lot of photos but i only chose the best ones to put up on here. This is my life in photographic form, oh dear me i'm sad.

K x

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