Thursday, 9 January 2014

Paul's Boutique Shimmer Body Mists review


Ahhh my first review of 2014, it tastes delicious and smells amazing..quite like this little beauty down here ( although i don't plan on tasting them, that would just be wrong )

I apologise for the photo, the light is awful at the minute and my picture editor has decided not to

This chunky monkey barrel of loveliness is the Paul's Boutique Shimmer Body Mist set. I already have the perfumes to match these and they all smell amazing, so i was really excited when i found this.

The 'names' of these are the same as the perfume set. 24/7, A.M & P.M. The concept of these ( if it wasn't already clear ) is that each scent is created for a specific time of day. For example 24/7 you can wear all day long but you wouldn't wear P.M in the morning as it is more of an evening fragrance. But of course you can wear whichever one you please, you're hardly going to be struck down by a bolt of lightning if ( god forbid ) you should wear A.M in P.M OH NO !!

They are a very garish shade of pink i grant you and when a perfume/body spray is that colour you expect it to smack you in the face with a very sweet/floral aroma...wrong! These are the polar opposite to that. Each one has a very different scent, again this goes with the names and the best time to wear them

24/7 - This one does exactly what it says on the tin. It's one you could wear all day at work and then out and about on the night. It's subtle yet packs a punch so you definitely get noticed when you wear it.

A.M - This one is a little sweeter, it's a bit like Lacoste Touch Of Pink with regards to scent but no where near as overpowering. It's the perfect scent to wear during the day and is my favourite out of all of them.

P.M - As you'd expect, P.M is more musky and definitely an evening fragrance. On a night out i wear Lady Million by Paco Rabanne because it makes me think of the night time, it's a dark sort of fragrance much like this one. I admit i am not a massive fan of this one in the perfume sense but as a body mist it's a lot less dramatic and works really well for me.

Another factor about this product is that it doesn't spray like a conventional body mist, it's more like a perfume atomiser which helps to keep the amount of product you use under your control and not the container. Also, everytime you spray it, it leaves a very subtle shimmer of glitter on your skin. Now i am not a huge fan of glitter, i find it really annoying stuff to get rid of but this is very pretty and adds just a little glamour while smelling amazing.

This was £9.99 from Studio Catalogue which is an absolute steal in my eyes because this set will last me a very long time. If you don't have a studio account you can buy it here where it is only £10. It is sold pretty much all over the place so you will definitely not have any trouble purchasing one.

I give this product 5 ✰

K x

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  1. I used to LOVE pauls boutique and now they do even more but I always forget to look at them when shopping! Glad they smell nice, I might have to try!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo


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