Saturday, 4 January 2014

Updates & Exciting News


I just know this is going to be a stupidly long blog post so if you manage to read this all the way through to the end, i applaud you and offer you cake by way of a thankyou.

So firstly, i hope you all had a brilliant Christmas & New Year. I mentioned how my December was pretty crap with my mum falling ill and ending up in hospital and then a couple of days after Christmas, Carl, Sarah and & mum all came down with the winter vomiting bug..bad times. But apart from that i had a good Christmas and New Year was let's just say, different? Me and Carl went to the pub in the hope we would see the NY in pissed out of our faces, however seeing as we aren't really drinkers, we ended up staying for 2 pints, winning £20 odd on the bandit and grabbing a burger. We slept through New Year !! 

My New Year drunken Selfie....Oh dear

Next up, normality is now being restored in the Pieces Of Kate household. The decorations came down on 2nd January and the whole house has been completely cleaned. There's something very calming about putting the tree and garlands back in the loft for another year. As much as i love Christmas, i do like to see my house looking less festive.

On the 6th, Carl will be going back to work and on the 7th Saz will be going back to school. Both of them finished on the same day so they have both had 3 weeks off and neither are looking forward to going back. I however have worked all through Christmas except for Christmas Day & NYD. I suppose it's a good and a bad thing really...good because it means i don't have that 'going back to work slump' to contend with but bad because no one would love 3 weeks off more than me so i can get my ever growing list of jobs ticked off my bloody list!

Last but definitely not least, my plans to take on YouTube are now coming to fruition!

I've mentioned my interest in starting making YT vids in a previous post but after alot of think, note taking and talking to Carl, i have decided that i am going to start a gaming channel. I love playing games and i can get way too involved in them which i think will make very funny viewing. I have fond memories of playing my SNES console when i was little and getting really pissed off when Mario kept walking into a turtle when i was so positive i made him's these kind of things that have given me the vision of a gaming channel.

But there's so much competition i hear you cry. I don't care...i'm not deliberately setting out into Youtube to make money or become a massive personality ( Though i am well aware that this can be the case if you become recognised ) i just want to do something i enjoy and maybe make people laugh! 

I get paid next week and i plan to go out and buy a  Hauppauge HD PVR2 which looks like this.....

Oooo check you out you slimline thing you

This beautiful little box will make creating my gaming footage a breeze. It is basically a box that you plug into whatever platform you are playing on ( Xbox, PlayStation, PC ) etc and records everything that you see on screen. When it's done, it transfers the data to you computer so you can edit it and post it online. I'm very very excited about this and i think Carl might be too because he has spoke of doing Call Of Duty videos/tutorials and posting them online so this will benefit him too. I do love something that has dual purpose, a bit like clothing can't go far wrong if you have a box of clothing pins.

So the plan is for me to purchase this little beauty next week and put up my first video on Sunday 12th January. Like i said, i'm not out to make a name for myself, i just want to have fun. What will be will be.

K x

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