Monday, 24 February 2014

Iphone Photo Album - February Edition

February is nearly over so it's time for me to do the February edition of the Iphone Photo Album. I was a little worried when i uploaded the photo's because most of them are completely random and i had to ask myself why i was inclined to take a picture of a smelly candle?! All will be revealed...

 Awww. The top 2 are from when me and Carl went our for Valentines. Bottom left we have a photo of me in a mask and 3 pairs of gloves when i had to disinfect an entire police station because of a swine flu outbreak ( risky job i have ) and bottom right we have me wearing Carl's lounge pants.....before i bought him these for Christmas, he was always wearing mine so this was payback.

Interesting. Top left is a screenshot of words that can be made out of the word 'crayon' which i needed to pass English on the game 'Bully:Scholarship Edition' ( i'm very sad ). Top right is a lady on Twitter who i REALLY need to contact about doing some artwork for my YT channel. Bottom left is a news article and it's about the crime scene i had to clean up recently...a very sad story :( And bottom right is an interesting little thing i found about the best areas of your body to spray perfume so it lasts all day.

Haha ok top left is something i saw on a news article. They are candles that have supposed 'man scents' in them like petrol, bacon & money?! It made me laugh. Top right speaks for itself. Bottom left is something i found in Sainsburys that got me VERY excited but i didn't buy one...why?! And finally bottom right is something i picked up at Morrisons. I'm not a massive fresh fruit juice fan but this tastes amazing. It's so refreshing and helped cure my cold.

Top 2 photos are from when i made a friendship bracelet for my daughter Sarah. The little wheel makes the job sooo much easier than pinning 8 pieces of cotton to your trousers. Bottom left is my candle of the moment and it's the Candy Cane candle from BombCosmetics. It smells of raspberry ripple icecream mmmm. Bottom right is from when i went on a mission and cleaned all my make up brushes. May seem weird using hand wash but it really works!

HAHAHAHA! Oh god, like January, there had to be some screenshots from when me & Carl trawl the internet for funny pictures. ' I am Bourbon Freeman ' is my favourite because he's an absolute legend and the fact someone turned him into one of my favourite biscuits makes this picture even more amazing. The same goes for the Nicolas Cage one bottom right, this slogan has now been added to mine and Carl's dialect dictionary. The other 2 photo's are of a Llama & an Alpaca. Since i explained to Carl what an Alpaca was, he has got this vision in his head of owning one, saddling it up and riding it and the idea pleases him so much. Anything Alpaca or Llama related and we are howling with laughter.

Top left is what Carl text me when he was at a fishing tackle show over the weekend. He was surrounded by loads of new fishing stuff and famous anglers and he got rather excited. Top right is a funny emblem i found on COD ( someone has way too much time on their hands to draw Herbert from scratch ). Bottom left is an ITV news van that was outside a police station i was working at, never did find out why it was there and bottom right is my cat Maria hugging my hand...she freaked out when i tried to take it back.

Yum Yum Yum!!!!!!!

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