Saturday, 15 February 2014

Our Valentines Day 2014

So Valentines Day has reached us yet again and it's just as soppy as it's ever been. This was mine & Carl's second Valentines together and we agreed that we would just get a card for each other and go out for the night. I guess i didn't get the memo....

 Yesterday morning before he went to work, Carl told me to look in the wardrobe & when i did i found this. He did an excellent job of making out like he had forgotten to get me a card so well done for that Carl but i had to giggle when i saw the little note he left, it just stank of smugness. Anyway i was thrilled he remembered and i love my presents.

Once he got home from work, we hopped into the car and drove into town to stay at the new Premier Inn. Ok so it's hardly a boutique hotel in the centre of Paris but really, who cares?! We left Sarah with my mum at home and we set about letting off some steam. ( The hotel is really nice, like surprisingly nice considering it was so cheap )

We had already decided weeks ago that we would go to Nandos for Valentines and we were really surprised to see that the place was pretty quiet considering you usually queue out the door. We were surrounded by so many couples it was kind of amusing. Anyway, we demolished some amazing food ( no surprise there ) I went for medium, i wasn't feeling very hardcore but Carl was and he ended up with his nose running for the next hour!

With our belly's full, we somehow managed to walk over to old town for some alcohol. While Carl opted for a double vodka redbull ( that was more like paint stripper and limeade ) i went a little 'Sex & The City ' and ordered a Cosmopolitan. At this bar, they faf about making the cocktails infront of you which back in my teens was very exciting but now at the tender age of 27, i just wanted him to get the f*@k on with it.

I'm not a fan of gambling but i've got to hand it to my better half for being a whiz on a bandit. Carl plonked himself infront of 4 bandits last night and won on each one amounting to a total of around £60 so when you weigh it up, it covered the cost of Nandos and all the drinks + taxis. I'll never be an advocate for gambling but the boy did good...he always does.

What night out isn't complete without a kebab. Nandos is all well and good but when you have one and then sink a ships worth of alcohol and walk in a head on gale force wind you soon feel the need to eat again so it was doner meat and chips all round. We jumped into a black cab and went back to the hotel to eat it in bed and watch Family Guy...Carl fell asleep soon after.

Yet another great Valentines in the bag though admittedly i'm absolutely nackered now because i don't sleep well as it is but when i am in a foreign environment i tend to wake up alot through the night wondering where the hell i am so i will def sleep well tonight to make up for it.

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day too.

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  1. Sounds fun to me, I'm up for anything on Valentine's as long as it means spending quality time with the other half :)


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