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Spring Clean & De-Cluttering || The Kitchen

My first post in the series will be centred around deep cleaning & De-Cluttering the kitchen.

 In my opinion, cleaning the kitchen is the worst room to tackle in my house. We are constantly cooking, we have cats and our storage is filled to capacity, it's just a bloody nightmare! But when it's had a real deep clean and all the cupboards have been organised, it has a lovely sense of calm to it and deserves it's title as 'Heart of the home'.


Unless you are one of these people that have a Bill Bryson outlook on things and must use up every last scraping from a bottle or packet before you buy another, then like me, your cupboards will be filled with out of date food, an excessive amount of beans and 50 bottles of piri piri sauce ( slight exageration there ). Although it feels good knowing i have well stocked cupboards, it's a bloody nightmare trying to find what i'm looking for most of the time so when it gets to this stage you have to have a clear out. 

1. Start with one cupboard at a time and remove absolutely everything

2. Check the use by date on each item

3. Throw away all out of date food and anything you know you will never eat ( including that no fat,no wheat,no dairy, no fun shite you bought for the diet you never even started )

Now you will have empty cupboards, a massive dint in your stores and about 15 bin bags full of old food. Brilliant. So now you need to clean the buggers. Kitchen cupboards can be notorious for harbouring bad smells but they are so easy to clean. All you'll need is...

1. Bucket of hot soapy water
2. Micro Fibre Cloths
3. Dry towel of any kind
4. Old Toothbrush ( These are sooooo useful! )
5. Sugar soap 

Firstly, wipe out any crumbs/debris that has gathered on the shelf part of the cupboard. You can use the toothbrush to get into the little nooks and crannys. Next, dip a cloth into the water and ring out well and get wiping ( don't forget the inner walls and the inside of the door ). When you're happy you've cleaned it thoroughly, dry it off with the towel. If you leave it wet, it will leave a horrible fusty smell and also can cause damp which is never good around food. Finally, add some sugar soap to the cloth and wipe the outer door. Sugar soap is used to remove grease and in a kitchen, you're guaranteed to get cooking residue all over cupboard doors.

Now you have thoroughly cleaned the cupboards, you can start to put everything back in. If you are OCD like me, you can organise them accordingly such as one shelf for tins, another for packets etc.

Cutlery tray/draw

One of the more easy jobs in the kitchen but still bloody necessary. Remove all the cutlery and put the tray into the sink and completely submerge it in hot soapy water ( add sugar soap if greasy or particulary dirty ). Clean thoroughly and dry. It's such an easy job but one that gets over looked so often and it's well worth doing.

The Bread Bin

Exactly the same principle as the cutlery draw. Remove the contents, remove crumbs and wipe with hot soapy water but i MUST MUST MUST insist that you really go mad with drying it. If you leave a bread bin with any moisture, it will penetrate the bread very quickly and mould will quickly set in, not only in the food, but in the interior and that will ruin anything else you put in there.


1. To clean your dishwasher, fill a mug half way with white vinegar and put on the top rack then throw the remainder of the vinegar into the basin at the bottom. Put on a hot wash and you dishwasher will be grease free.

2. To clean the microwave easily, cut 3 slices of lemon and place in a bowl of water. Put the bowl in the microwave and turn on for 4 minutes. When done, remove bowl and the inside will be really easy to wipe clean.

3. To descale the kettle, pour in some white vinegar or a calgon tablet and boil away. When boiled, tip it out and repeat as many times as necessary. A descaled kettle works so much better and takes less time to boil so you're saving money too technically.

Now you have those jobs out of the way you can concentrate on completely bottoming the kitchen. Everyone has their own way of cleaning their kitchen but here are some tips that i use...

1. Dry wipe the surfaces first to remove any crumbs

2. Don't clean the sink first, you need it for all your other jobs

3. Pour some neat bleach down any plug holes, bleach smells better than rotting food and stale water

4. Sweep the floor first and then hoover it just to be sure you have all the bits before you mop

So that's my post on the kitchen. Next up will be the bedroom....don't get kinky you dirty buggers! 

Disclaimer : All photos used are courtesy of Google images, i do not own any of the images used in this post

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