Friday, 7 February 2014

Valentines Series 2014 - Gift Guide For Her

Now before you call me a hypocrite for doing a Valentines gift guide, i never said that i didn't celebrate it myself and just because me and Carl don't really buy each other a present, it doesn't mean no one else should so i've compiled together a little gift guide for the women of the world that i would personally like to receive on Valentines but they are also gifts i would like on any other occasion too so men if you read attention! Especially you Carl xx

Womens Fragrance Selection Vivabox
Rainbow Roses
Spa Day
Starlight Crystal Set
Valentines Goody Bag

Men, god knows you try when it comes to thinking you know the right perfume for us but generally you tend to fail more often than not so i have found the solution. This is the Vivabox from The Perfume Shop £37.99. It is a box that consists of little samples of various perfumes including Jimmy Choo/Caroline Herrera/Lacoste Touch Of Pink/Boss Orange/Ghost/Paco Rabanne Black XS & Paco Rabanne Lady Million. And as an additional extra, once you have decided which perfume you like the most out of the set, you fill in the enclosed voucher with your preference, take it into your local store and you can use to to redeem a full size bottle of that particular fragrance. Seriously, this will win her over and you can never get it wrong!

Red roses are so last year darling. These beautiful rainbow roses are from Interflora £44.99. I have never seen anything quite like them and i think they are absolutely striking! Red roses are generally the one thing a woman wants to receive on Valentines day and that's absolutely fine but i like something a bit more out there and these fit the bill perfectly. Who wouldn't be absolutely flabergasted to receive a bunch of these? Plus you get a free vase included. Win Win!

Unless you are lucky enough to have a partner who insists you don't work and they pay for everything, you will appreciate that you have very little time to relax and have some 'you' time. I work full time, i have a family and i look after my mum so finding any time for me to unwind is a rarety. Everyone deserves some 'me' time and a spa day is the perfect gift for that person in your life who finds it hard to find time to unwind. A spa day can be anything from simply relaxing by an infinity pool to a full blown day of massages, facials and seaweed wraps. Have a look online for spa's near you. She'll love you for it, trust me.

We all love to receive jewelry from our other half, especially when it is something as beautiful as this. This is from Swarovski £99.00 and it is a delicate drop necklace covered in small stars along with a set of star stud earrings. Yes ok it's not cheap but if you're going to buy jewelry, you should put a bit of thought and money into your purchase because it could become a classic piece and quite possibly vintage. Plus if you really want to put a smile on her face, some serious bling with do just that. I personally love anything to do with stars so i would be thrilled to get this myself.

Chocolate. The female amber nectar..also a bloody good gift idea because you can be 100% sure she will love it. I found this chocolate goody bag from Hotel Chocolat £19.00 and thought it would be perfect as a little token gesture or as an additional present. It's beautifully displayed and wrapped and it contains various chocolates flavoured with strawberry, raspberry and passion fruit ( all very romantic fruits i say ). £19.00 might seem a little pricey for chocolate but Hotel Chocolat really is the daddy of all chocolate and you can be sure you are getting top quality. Top quality choccy for a top quality girlfriend of course!


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