Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Valentines Series 2014 - Valentines as a singleton

So you're single and with Valentines fast approaching, you feel like every couple in the world is targeting you with their radar ready to mock the living hell out of you for not having someone hanging off your arm. Big bloody deal!

I have always had an issue with February 14th myself. To me it is just another day to bleed money out of people, along with Halloween and grandparents day..who thinks of these things? Anyway, one of the biggest issues about Valentines is the people who have to endure the never ending sight of love hearts and teddys in the build up to it and then come the day, they feel like their only solace is getting into bed with a box of chocolate and wondering ' What if '?

Yes me and Carl do make an effort for Valentines but we don't go mad. I mean this year, we're off out to get plastered then stay at a hotel in the city centre. It's hardly Casanova's idea of romance but that's not what we are about. We aren't even buying presents because frankly, we don't need to spend money to show we love each other, nor celebrate it on only one day of the year. However, i know there are singletons out there and you may not share my view on this mushy 24 hour whirlwind so i'm going to share my best tips on surviving February 14th without a boyfriend/girlfriend.

1. It's just another day, don't forget that! - The whole bloody day is meant to be about celebrating your love for someone but like i just said, i celebrate my love for Carl every single day so what's the point? There is none. If you don't have a special someone, tell your parents or your siblings that you love them, even your mates! Same thing.

2. Don't pin your hopes on getting a 'valentine' - I hate this sooo much! People who patiently wait for the postman in the hope they may have a card posted through their letter box only to discover that all that drops on their door mat is a credit card bill and a flyer for a local karate class. The days of receiving a secret valentine are long gone, don't waste your time.

3. Treat yourself - So you didn't get a card and a bunch of red roses, big deal! Go out and buy yourself the biggest box of chocs you can find, some face masks and some decent films and treat yourself! You don't need a boyfriend/girlfriend to make you feel special, our friend Mr Milk Tray can do that for you!

4. Go out with your single friends - Have you seen the Sex & The City Movie when Carrie and Miranda go out for a meal together on Valentines because they're single? It's an awesome idea! I can guarantee you won't be the only single friend in your group so make the most of your freedom and go and enjoy some time with your mates over a meal and a good knees up. By the time you've had a few drinks, the thoughts of Valentines will be long gone.

5. Expect the aftermath - Unfortunately it's going to be pretty hard to avoid the influx of mushy status updates and photo's of loved up couples on social networking sites so i'm afraid you'll have to let it go over your head. I know it's going to be hard, we were all single once but just's only one day!

Valentines Day is an inevitable part of the year and if you are single for this one, it doesn't mean you will be for the next one. Remember, it's just another day.

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