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Hull Blogger Meet || 22nd March 2014

Yesterday, i attended the Hull Blogger Meet organised by the lovely Charley over at 

It was completely by chance that i found out about this. I put up on a blogger chat on Twitter about how i wished there was a blogger meet up in Hull as we get forgotten about up North and everything seems to be centred around London, then by sheer chance through the countless tweets that were being put up, Charley found me and told me that there actually was one being organised by herself! At the time it was full but then a place opened and i was thrilled and of course i wasn't going to say no was i!

The meet was held at The English Muse which is a really quirky little cafe. We had our own little room upstairs which had a real artistic vibe to it. While waiting to order myself a coffee ( which was really nice and strong ), i encountered Jennie & Alex. I had a feeling they were there for the meet too as we all looked ridiculously awkward but we hit it off straight away.

It kicked off with a bit of a meet and greet with everyone introducing themselves and the name of their blog then the goodie bags were handed out ( i'll talk about this a bit later on ). We got talking about all sorts of subjects and had a good laugh doing it too. 

I found myself sat next to Jennie, Emma & Jade and we all had a really good natter and a laugh. At one point, Jade pulled out this cream that her mum brought back from India and it became a real talking point...

The whole concept of it was hilarious and when myself and Jennie took it upon ourselves to try it out, it led to a shit load of laughter and very pale wrinkly hands! 

We also had a raffle on the go and instead of just 1 or 2 of us winning something, Charley got something for all of us which is very sweet of her so that no one felt left out. I won a box of Fake Bake tanning lotion as did Jennie..turns out that neither of us have ever used fake tan so we were comparing notes and saying we should share the results with each other when we try it out ( this should be fun ).

I got talking to Jade and discovered we had quite a lot in common, along with Jennie & Emma, i would definitely now consider them all friends and i hope that we can all meet up again really soon. Another girl who i got chatting to was Em, we had a really good natter about her job and fake tan! ( Em & Jade if you read this, thanks for the advice about how to apply the stuff haha )

 Just before we left the cafe, i found out that Jennie was on her phone bidding away on Ebay and was getting so engrossed in it that we all found ourselves egging her on. She managed to win the bidding of course!

Once we left the cafe, we went next door to a cute little boutique shop called Tessie's. It sold some gorgeous clothing and the jewelery was to die for. I was expecting it to be quite pricey but i was pleasantly surprised to see the pieces were really cheap! I tried to resist which is so hard when it comes to jewelery but i couldn't leave this ear cuff. I absolutely love stars and anything quirky and at £4 it was just too tempting.

Unfortunately because of family commitments, i had to leave the girls at that point and i was gutted. Although i didn't get chance to chat to everyone properly, they were all really lovely lasses and it was a pleasure meeting them. Hopefully it won't be too long before we can all meet up again. 

Once i finally got home that day after going to my in laws for tea, i emptied my goodie bag and i was astonished at how much had been crammed into the bag. 

I knew Charley had done goodie bags for us all but my god girl you went all out! There was such a wide variety of products ranging from tea to make up. Although i'm not a tea drinker and much prefer coffee, i will definitely be giving these tea's a go as they are good for weight loss so why not! The make up is great and i was really happy to see some Lee Stafford hair treatment in there too which is something i've been meaning to purchase for a while. 

One thing in the goodie bag that really caught my eye was this blue box from a company called Punky Pins. I've heard of this company before but never had a look at their merchandise so when i took the lid of, my chin hit the floor. Everything in the box was right up my alley especially the badges. The goodie bags were handed out randomly yet it seems this bag chose me because there is a Alice in Wonderland, one with stars & another with skulls, three things that i absolutely love! Well done Charley, well done! 

This was my very first bloggers meet so i didn't know what to expect but i had a fantastic time and made new friends. Everyone was so lovely and it was nice to know that i'm not the only person in Hull that is blogging. 

Massive thanks to Charley for organising everything, it must've been really hard work but you did it and it went down a storm. I can't wait for the next one.


  1. This sounds awesome. I have my first blogger meet in June and I am so scared but so excited :) I'm glad you enjoyed it and met some lovely people :) xx

  2. It was so good, i had no idea what to expect with it being my first but it was well worth the worry. Whereabouts is the one you're going to? xx

  3. It looks like you all had a lovely time! I really want to go to a blogger meet up :) Those goodie bags look amazing too!

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