Monday, 3 March 2014

Meet My Boyfriend

I love taking crafty photos of him when he least expects it

Meet my boyfriend Carl or as i like to call him...Carlisle!

Carl and i have been together since 13th December 2012 and he's the best thing to happen to me since i gave birth to our Sarah nearly 11 years ago.

He has me absolutely howling with laughter every single day and that's one of the reasons i love him so bloody much. I always said that the bloke i marry will be the one who can make me laugh daily and we're already talking about marriage so that worked well! 

I have really scraped the barrel with boyfriends in the past, i shit you not i look back and smack myself for the mistakes i made and because of all the bad relationships i had, i maintained a very guarded perspective on marriage and the whole happy ever after thing but after being single for nearly 3 years ( by choice ), my outlook has completely changed and i really do want to marry him and have his kids and if he's lucky, even sit next to him in the old folks home when we're old and nackered smelling of talc and wafer thin ham.

Carl with my nephew, Flint

Carl is as obsessed with fishing as i am with shoes & Alice in Wonderland. I have fully accepted my status as ' Fishing Widow ' and i really do try to take an interest in what he does ( even though i find fishing so bloody boring )! I encourage and support him as much as a girlfriend can and i know he can make a name for himself. He's starting his own blog soon so please welcome him with open arms!

We all want a partner who is similar to ourselves and we really are! There is only a 2 week age gap between us, we share the same sense of humour, we love cats..i could go on. 

He is an amazing step dad to my daughter. I won't go into details but her biological dad will never be a part of her life, never has been either and she sees Carl as the dad she never had. She keeps asking him to propose to me so she can take his surname and be adopted by him! She is 10 years old for fuck sake but she's not daft haha. He is always spoiling her, either buying her something when he goes out of giving her some money to go to sweet shop. He's a good un.

He can be a stubborn bugger and has some habits that really wind me up like leaving his dirty clothes NEXT to the washing basket? Why not put them in Carl?! But i know i have habits that piss him off too ( probably my shoe addiction and lighting candles ) but we really do bounce off each other. He is the Ying to my Yang
Another thing i love about him is that i can be myself around him and i never feel insecure. Something every woman should feel around her other half. We take the piss out of each other but if you didn't, there's no fun!
We share a special language/dialect saying things such as ' Tang ' instead of yes/thankyou and we take great pleasure in coming out with things we find hilarious yet everyone around us looks on in confusion such as ' chocolate mouse ' & ' Teet Pippet ' but they are another story.
Carl deserves a post all his own for being such a massive support to me with everything that i do especially this blog and for just being an awesome boyfriend. I can't wait to get engaged, have kids together and add to our family. Smelling of talc and wafer thin ham in old age? I'll decide on that another time.


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