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My Wedding Scrapbook

 My Wedding Scrapbook

The Theme

I have had a real soft spot for Alice in Wonderland ever since i first read the book as a child. When i closed the book, i knew that if i ever got married, i would have to incorporate Alice In Wonderland somewhere into the day. As much as i would love to have the entire day based around Lewis Carroll's iconic character, i have to accept that my boyfriend wouldn't be all that thrilled so it would be a mix of both our ideas. I would also like a pale blue colour scheme to add to the day.

The Venue & Transport

Carl ( my boyfriend ) can be quite a traditionalist and during a random discussion about weddings, he said he would want to get married in a church. I have never really relished the idea of getting married in a church as i am not religious and i would feel like a hypocrite but neither is Carl. He see's a church as an iconic part of a wedding and after a bit of thinking so do i so i would definitely get married in a church.

I'm not a huge fan of the vintage wedding cars you see so many people go to their wedding in, nor do i like horse drawn carriages. I would prefer to arrive to my wedding in something a bit more me. If i could have my way, i would drive there myself in my Ford Focus! But as it is, i would love to arrive in a Bentley. It's alot more me than arriving in a horse drawn carriage.

The Dress & Shoes

I remember saying to my mum that i wanted a red wedding dress. A part of me still swoons at the idea of really standing out in a scarlet frock but then reality set in and i realised that i would end up regretting it if i didn't wear a white bridal gown so i have completely changed my mind. 

My dream dress would have a sweetheart cut bodice ( boned ). This is the style that would suit me the most. I would also have a full length veil adorned with tiny crystals. I want minimal glitz and glam on the dress so adding crystals to the veil will add that sparkle without going over the top.

As for the shoes? Well anyone who knows me well, knows that i have an absolute obsession with shoes and wearing the perfect pair of shoes for my wedding will be extremely critical. I have had my eyes fixed on two pairs of shoes. The first pair are by the designer Benjamin Adams. They are Ivory Duchesse Silk peep toe platforms with swarovski crystal embellishment around the toe. The second pair are these amazing Mary Jane platforms with red suede and white lace detailing. I absolutely love both pairs but i think i would move more towards the Mary Janes as they are my favourite type of shoe and they would inject a cheeky little pop of colour to the outfit. Although i would change the red to a pale blue to match my colour scheme.

 The Flowers
Every wedding should have flowers, however, i suffer with hayfever depending on the time of year and i'm not alone with that and the last thing i want is everyone sneezing in the church so there will be no flowers dotted around the church, only at the altar. My bouquet will consist of blue Gerbera daisies ( my favourite flower ) and white feathers. The button holes will be a single Gerbera and a smale white feather attached. My bouquet will be short stem but the bridesmaids and flower girls bouquets will be full length Gerbera's wrapped in white ribbon.

The Reception

I would only ever have my wedding in the summer, so i would love to have my reception in a marquee in the grounds of a stately home. The marquee would be filled with circle tables and adorning the tables would be a hurricane vase with a large candle in the centre and willow twigs spray painted silver with blue crystals hanging from each branch. 

 The ceiling of the marquee will be covered in fairy lights. I really want the 'Wonderland' feel.

On the tables, each wine glass will have a little charm around the bottom saying 'Drink Me' and when the dessert comes out, each plate will have 'Eat Me' written in chocolate on the edge of the plate ( A subtle ode to Alice In Wonderland )

 There will be a black and white checkered dance floor in the centre of the marquee ( another ode to A.I.W ) and of course, the DJ stand.

 There will be alot of children at my wedding and i don't want them to get bored so i will have a seperate table made out just for them where there will be packs of activities suitable for their age so they will all have something to do ( these will include a disposable camera, crayons, playdoh etc ) while all the time still being a part of the fun in the marquee. 

The Food

I want the food at my wedding to be an integral part of the day. I want the menu to involve food that everyone will like so i would have chili prawns or soup as a starter, some kind of roast dinner as main, probably beef and Yorkshire pudding and also roast chicken ( my favourite ) and a trio of desserts to finish. I want to be able to offer my guests a choice and take in to account any allergies and preferences and cater for everyone. 

Later on during the evening, i wouldn't want the traditional buffet. I think a hog roast or a burger van is much more appealing.

The Cake

Carl absolutely loves chocolate and i have loved the idea of having a cake from Choccywoccydoodah so when it comes to choosing our perfect cake, there's no where else i would go. Ideally, i'd want the cake to be covered in white chocolate ruffles ( one of their statement techniques ) and as far as design is concerned, it would have our names on chocolate plaques, fishes and the Cheshire Cat. Not asking for much really, i'm sure David & Tom would love the challenge.


When it comes to photos, i do want the traditional wedding portraits doing but i also want something fun ( See ideas below ) Also, i would put a sign on each table and dotted around the reception saying 'If you take any photos, please put them on Instagram using #Carl&KateWedding '. Then i could see the wedding from everyone elses perspective too.

Even though a wedding is centred around the couple getting married, i want everyone to get involved in my big day and have as much fun as possible.

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