Sunday, 16 March 2014

New Discovery || next Home

Everytime me and Carl drive past next home, i will always tell him ' When we get our own house, we're getting all the accessories from there ', it's become a sort of running joke because we assumed it was ridiculously expensive. That was until i had a nosey on their website and realised how completely wrong i was.

For some reason, just recently i have started to 'nest' (Hopefully this is a good sign) and i have changed my compulsive need to buy candles and jewelery in favour of buying home furnishings. Although there are so many sites dedicated to decking out your home with all manner of decoration and accessories, i have to say that next Home have to be the best.

They have got some amazing pieces and they are really going for the sort of nautical/by the sea theme with their range at the minute and although i have never been a massive fan of beaches of the whole seaside thing, i have fallen in love with some of their pieces including these...

You, Me & The Sea Glasses - £3.50
You, Me & The Sea Water Bottle - £6

These are my first purchase from next Home and i absolutely love them. I especially love the water bottle that has a retro lemonade style pop cap on the top. I plan to use this as decoration for now but at some point in the future, i will fill it with water and have it on the table when we have dinner.

Captain & First Mate Mugs - £8

 These are ridiculously cute but i think me and Carl would be arguing over who deserves the Captain one ( Though we all know it'll be me )

Large Drink Dispenser - £16
I love the idea of filling this up with home made lemonade or a cocktail and having it outside for when we have a BBQ so everyone can help themselves. 

Egg House - £10

 This is adorable. I'm one of those people that leave the eggs out of the fridge in their box but i do find them bloody ugly so this is a very cute alternative.

Set Of 2 Wooden Stars - £20
 I've got a real soft spot for stars and these little wooden treasures are amazing. I would probably hang these in my bathroom.

Harbour Stripe Print Bed Set - £25-£55
 Oooo god my maritime obsession is getting a little out of hand. This is in the same style as the water bottle and glasses ( top of post ). When we do get our own house, i want the guest bedroom to have either a pale blue or mint colour scheme, this would be perfect and i'd be able to add similar accessories to match.

Is anyone else nesting like me and feels the need to fill their home with new things?

 ** This is not a sponsored post. I was not paid to right this by next or anyone affiliated with the brand. Photos courtesy of next Home website **

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  1. LOVE the egg house, how cute x


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