Sunday, 30 March 2014

Optrex 2 in 1 Actimist Eye Spray || Review

Combining hayfever and having 4:30am starts with work, not to mention going to areas that are heavy with industrial pollution, my eyes have been suffering a hell of a lot lately. They've been feeling sore and heavy and it got to the point where i needed to head to my nearest boots and find something to relieve them. This is what i found..

I know this stuff has been around for a while but i always thought it was only for people who wear contact lenses, i wear glasses so hmmm yeah pointless maybe? I was wrong. As soon as i bought this i used it and it was instant relief literally within seconds.

Unlike eyedrops, you close your eye and spray it directly onto the eyelid and it slips down and repairs the eyes outer layer. Magic? I reckon so because when i say this stuff was instant, i really mean it. As soon as i applied it, the soreness in my eyes was gone and as weird as it sounds, they felt refreshed!

Additionally just to add to the fact that this stuff works in seconds, it doesn't sting on application (providing you read the instructions properly) and it's stupidly easy to apply. I have used proper eye drops in the past and it used to take me forever to put them in because the thought of doing anything with my eyes made me gag but this eye mist is simple to use and it feels like you're spraying water onto your eyelids. Could you ask for more? Doubt it.

At a price of £12.99 it may seem very expensive for what it is but let me explain. It says on the instructions to spray once or twice per eye depending on how irritated they are. I've been using this stuff twice maybe three times a day for the past two weeks and the amount of solution in the bottle has barely moved. You definitely get a lot more for your money than at first glance and if you work infront of a computer, drive everyday or work in an environment with polluted air, i would highly recommend it.

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