Monday, 31 March 2014

Room 101

This post is based on the fantastic programme Room 101. I've you've never watched or heard of it you're missing out. Basically a celebrity comes onto the show with an array of things that really annoy them and it could be anything from traffic to boiled eggs, the list is endless and if the presenter ( i believe it to be Frank Skinner these days ) agrees with said celebrity, he will put it into Room 101.

I suddenly came up with idea of doing this whilst eating my tea last night and i'm really excited because i love a good rant. I'll be doing this post sporadically because there is always something new that gets under my skin and i can't wait to get it off my chest!

Driving way under the speed limit

Oh god this drives me mad (pardon the pun). I know speed limits are there for a reason and when it says 40 or 50 etc that is a maximum not a minimum but that does not mean you should drive 10mph or more under said speed limit! And this especially goes for the elderly. They are terrified of driving so why in the name of all that is sane do they jump in the car everyday?Plus it's bloody dangerous!

Clicking fingers

The noise that eminates from someone clicking their fingers repulses me. It's just not natural! That advert for the catalogue where the woman clicks her fingers to change into another outfit? I can't watch it for that simple reason. Just...stop doing it!

Kim Kardashian

 I have no idea what this woman is for or why she is so damn 'famous'. Wow she made a sex tape...she became a star from that? Really?! She is hard faced and serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. She struts around in the most ridiculous of outfits and thinks she is a trend setter? Reality check sweetheart, you look like you raided the discount wallpaper shelf at Homebase. Someone put her away in a cupboard or something.


This spice should NEVER have been discovered. I once used oil of cloves when i had toothache and the taste made me physically sick. The smell of it turns my stomach. Carl bought a magic tree air freshener in 'New Car' and it absolutely stunk of clove. BORK! Horrible stuff.

So that's my first Room 101 post. Do you agree with anything i've put here? Is there anything you would put into Room 101 yourself? Let me know, it's good to rant!!


  1. Hey Kate! I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Details are on my blog :) Beth xxx


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