Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Shine On Award

With all these awards I've been nominated for recently, i wouldn't be surprised if i get a letter saying I've been nominated for an Oscar! BRING IT!!

The Shine On Award is to show how all our blogs can make us shine, and how we can all brighten each others days up. This is pretty sweet and I'm not overly into mushy things but still, it's such a lovely thought and massive thanks to Sarah for nomination me. Go over and say hello, she's lovely! http://www.sarahsmilesxxx.co.uk

So for this award, i have to tell you seven random facts about me. This could be fun...

I had a 'concealed' pregnancy
- This basically means that my daughter Sarah grew against my back so i had no bump, no pregnancy symptoms etc and i actually gave birth on my own on my kitchen floor when i was 16. Needless to say, everyone was pretty shocked when they found out.

I am a qualified counsellor - I specialised in bereavement and marriage guidance. I absolutely love being a counsellor but unfortunately, there are very few jobs where i live that would allow me to continue my career :(

I'm the descendant of William Bradley - He is more commonly known as The Market Weighton Giant. I am descended from him on my dads side. Look him up on Google!

I adore cats - I have 2 called Tia & Maria and i absolutely adore them. They are a solid part of my family and i treat them like my kids.

I have 2 fears - Taurophobia ( fear of cows ) and claustrophobia. My fear of cows has calmed down a lot but my claustrophobia is shocking. I can't even have the quilt over my head when i'm in bed.

I clean up police cells and crime scenes for a living - But that's for another post 

I want to create my own shoes - I have absolutely no interest in following the latest fashions clothing wise but when it comes to shoes i'm uncontrollable. My ultimate dream would be to design my own line of shoes

And now for my nominations

Charley -
Nicola - nicolabishopx.blogspot.co.uk 
Laura-Beth -  
Chloe - newgirlintoon.blogspot.co.uk  
Antoinette - letterstoa.com 
Claire - pinkchickclaire.com  
Jules - lippylikes.com  
Emma - miniemble.blogspot.com
Megz - sequinsandshinythings.blogspot.co.uk  
Daisy -  daisydaisyxxo.blogspot.com 
Vicky -  describethesky.co.uk
Leona - ohleona.blogspot.com
Naomi -  whatnaomiwrote.blogspot.co.uk  
Lisa -  isitjustmeme.co.uk  
Kelly -  livelovetravelx.blogspot.com

 The rules are pretty simple, just link back to the person who nominated you, put in 7 facts and nominate 15 other bloggers. Enjoy! 


  1. Just seen my nomination! Thankyou; This is a job for tomorrow! :)
    Some fab facts!

    Nicola x

  2. Great Job!! I love your blog. I hope you and your blog continue to shine!

  3. These are some really interesting facts, awesome post! :) xx


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