Sunday, 2 March 2014

Spring Cleaning & De-Cluttering || The Bedroom

I absolutely love my bedroom. It's the biggest room in the house ( not boasting or anything ) and it's the only room where i can get some space and have some time to myself...well that's until Carl & Sarah get home anyway.

But as is the case for anyone who shares a bedroom with their other half, it can get messy & disorganised very quickly. Carl is an absolute bugger for leaving dirty clothes and towels all over the floor and covering every available surface with spare change, fishing magazines and empty coke bottles. He'll never learn. So here is what i do to keep the bedroom clean & organised. 

Did you know that if your bedroom is clean and clutter free you actually sleep better? Mind blown


1. Clear the floor. You can't possibly start any cleaning until you have a clear floor to work with.

2. Dust the tops of pictures, ornaments and any surfaces. Use a damp cloth for this as it will stop the dust floating about in the room

3. Run a cloth or mop along the skirting boards. They are real dust catchers and they get forgotten when cleaning

4. Hoover/sweep the floor



The Wardrobe- I won't deny that i used to be the worlds worst for buying clothes that i never wore or were the wrong size and i couldn't be bothered to return. But as i've got older, i've become compulsive about only buying what i need and giving what i don't wear anymore to charity. Have a bloody good sort out of your clothes and either sell or give to charity what you don't want anymore. You'll be surprised how much space you will have afterwards and it MAY give you the incentive to stop spending money on things you don't need when you realise how much you're getting rid of

Drawers -They're so easy to open and fill with random crap and forget about but they're there for a reason! Take the time to organise your drawers. If you organise your drawers, there will be no more frantic episodes of throwing things over your shoulders trying to find a pair of socks or your favourite top. One drawer for underwear, one for socks, one for PJs makes sense!

Dressing Table - Believe me i know how exciting it is laying out all your make up and hair products on your dressing table for the world to see but it's so inpractical. How the hell are you meant to clean the bloody thing when it's covered in primers and potions?! Be sensible here. Put make up brushes in a pot(s), put all your make up into a bag and leave it to one side. You don't need all your perfumes in regimental form, just leave your favourite one out. Use the dressing tables drawers to your advantage! At the end of the day, unless you're a make up artist in a theatre, you don't need to cover your entire dressing table with make're using it no one else.


1. Light candles. I absolutely adore candles and i love to have at least 2 on the go even though Carl isn't mad about them. Scented candles are a nice touch for the bedroom and help you to relax. 

2. Look after your bed. Hopefully you wash your bedding often but make sure to wash the pillows and duvet at least every 3 months. Hoover the mattress and flip it over every 2-3 months. Tip - If your pillows have gone flat, put them in a tumble dryer with a tennis ball, they will soon go back to being fluffy and bouncy again.

3. Keep air freshener to a minimum. We all want a room to smell good but over spraying an air freshener can do more harm than good. Too much can actually make you feel very ill and cause breathing problems so if you must use it, just one quick squirt will do and don't do it spray it over the bed as you will breathe it in when it is on your sheets. NOT GOOD!

4. Let some fresh air in. But do it sparingly. Don't leave your window open all day, just leave it open while you clean. Going to sleep with fresh air circulating around the room will really help you sleep better.

Disclaimer : All photos used are courtesy of Google images, i do not own any of the images used in this post


  1. Well I've to initiate some spring cleaning too!!! Thanks for reminding me that with ur lovely post Kate! :)))

    1. You're welcome! Although secretly i'm sure you hate me for reminding you of doing such a horrible bloody job lol xx

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