Saturday, 29 March 2014

Story Of My Life Tag

Time for another Tag! This one is a little different so enjoy!...

1. Where & when were you born?

I was born on 28th June 1986 ( I think it was a saturday ) at Beverley Westwood Hospital in Beverley, Yorkshire. Oooo very detailed answer Kate

2. Who chose your name(s) and the reason behind them?

Well it was obviously my parents who chose my name but they did have some outside influence. Katy comes from the character in the book 'What Katy Did' by  Sarah Chauncey Woolsey and my middle name Sarah came from my uncle Frank who said that if he had a daughter he would call her Sarah, he had 2 sons so my mum gave me it as a middle name to make up for it.

3. Your earliest childhood memory

The memory that sticks out to me was from when i was around 3/4 years old. My mum and dad bought me this amazing sailor style dress and i was absolutely obsessed with it. When my dad wanted to take me to watch football, i refused to get changed out of it and i had a full on tantrum on the stairs until i got my own way. Awesome

4. What were your hobbies as a child?

I did dancing, rainbows & brownies. I was dancing up until i was 15 and i miss it alot. 

5. Do you have any siblings?

Yep i have an older sister called Vicky & an older brother called Jonny....because there is a big age gap between us, we have NEVER argued or fallen out. Blessing really

6. Funny story as a child?

Near where i grew up, there is a little 10 foot ( Hull term for an alley way ) that would cut from my street to my school and it was real dark and dingy with trees that grew over it like an arch way. One day my mum was walking me to school and as we walked down the 10 foot, i started saying 'Lions & Tigers & Bears OH MY!' from Wizard of OZ and then out of nowhere this massive cat jumped off the fence and came darting straight past me. I absolutely freaked out and my mum was in hysterics while trying to comfort me. It's funny looking back on it but at the time i shit myself!

7. Did you do well at school?

In all honesty no i didn't. I excelled in English & French and would often get told off by my french teacher because i was already fluent in the language and she didn't like being upstaged by a teenager. But i rebelled and i twagged off school for 2 weeks and stayed at home on the internet. When i got caught, i had the truancy officer on my case for the next 2 years until i left. I did ok in my GCSEs but if i could re-write my school years i would, it was a massive mistake.

8. Your teenage celebrity crush?

This is easy.  Scott from 5ive and Leonardo Dicaprio.  

9. Your favourite song of all time?

This is really hard to answer as there are so many but the song that sticks with me is Dr Hook - Cover of the rolling stone. My dad had the most appauling taste in music but this song reminds me alot of him as he used to play it in the car when we went swimming and out as a family. Some nice memories come with it.

10. Favourite moment of your life?

Simple...the birth of my daughter Sarah. I'm lucky to have had an amazing life so far with some fantastic moments but giving birth to Sarah was truely the best moment for me. Additionally, the second best was meeting Carl. He's my soulmate

11. Favourite family memory?

A family friend who used to work with my grandad owning a chain of supermarkets called Grandways was going on holiday with his family and he asked if our family would like to go spend the week house sitting at their mansion in Bristol. There was me, my parents ( bro and sis were at uni ), my auntie & uncle, my 2 cousins  & my grandparents. To me the house was absolutely huge with a pool, a games room, loads of bedrooms it was just amazing. We had the best week there and it holds a lot of memories. Especially going swimming at night that was pretty cool and filling the jacuzzi with bubble bath...yeah it was a mess.

12. Have you fulfilled your dreams & ambitions?

In a way i think i have. I wanted to be a counsellor, i now am. I wanted children, i have 1 and trying for more. I wanted to meet the man i would marry and spend my life with, i found him and i'm VERY happy. There are still things on my list but i'm doing quite well seeing as i'm only 27

13. What are your dreams for the future?

Expand my family and marry Carl are the priorities for me right now. Then i want to jack in my job and either return to counselling or work for myself either with my blog or another avenue where i can be self employed. 

Not going to tag anyone specific in this post, if you like the look of the questions then feel free to do the tag yourself. I look forward to reading your life story's :)

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