Sunday, 13 April 2014

Rimmel STAY MATTE Foundation || Review

After using mineral foundation since the stone age, i decided to go against everything i know and love and buy a liquid foundation. When you have excessively dry skin like mine, liquid foundation never looked right on application and in some cases it would make my skin look worse so buying this was a massive stepping stone for me and i was sceptical about the results.

I gave it a good run for it's money and i must say i am pleasantly surprised! It says that it is a liquid mousse in consistency but i would say it is more liquid on application. The coverage is pretty good and blended well but a little definitely goes a long long way. 

 If you use too much of this, it will go way too orange in tone and the wotsit look is never a good thing lets be honest.

Back when i was a teenager before i used mineral foundation, i would apply the liquid foundation and set it with powder but when using this i realised that powder wasn't necessary as it gave a pretty flawless look hence the name Stay Matte i'm guessing? It lasted pretty well through the day but it would need an occasional top up in my opinion as it's not 100% long lasting.

Overall i'm quite happy with this product. I'm still in 2 minds as to wether i will convert to this from my beloved Sheer Cover but i would say it's a good contender right now. 

You can buy it here for £5.99 and it comes in 6 different shades. I used 201 classic beige 



  1. I love this foundation, found it really works for my skin :)

    1. It was a real eyeopener for me after using mineral foundation for so long. Looks like it's a winner :) x

  2. I'll try it. I have oily skin, so I hope it's good for me. Check my blog.


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