Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sleek Blush || Review

Blusher has never been a staple part of my make up arsenal simply because i have a natural flush in my cheeks and the thought of adding to it filled me with apprehension because i didn't want to resemble a clown! But out of curiosity while on the Sleek website, i decided to bite the bullet and purchase one just to see if my feelings were correct...they weren't.

After a long time looking at the different shades, i settled on Flamingo 937. I'm fortunate enough to tan very easily and when i do, it stays so i took this into consideration when choosing which shade i thought would be right for me so i opted for one that had a plum undertone and this one was perfect and really fit the bill.

 This blush is very matte with a miniscule amount of shimmer which to me is the best blusher to have as when there is too much shimmer, you look like Edward Cullen glittering all over the place.

As with all blushes, you don't need much so i applied some to my brush and blew off any excess which left a perfect amount which i was able to build up if necessary. Application was easy and it gave great results with just a couple of brush strokes.

The end result was fantastic and looked natural which is exactly what i was after. It gave just the right amount of 'flush' that i wanted after i had applied foundation. The only drawback is that it doesn't really last that long. I set my make up with setting spray and a couple of hours later, the blush was barely visible. This wasn't a massive problem for me in the long run but if you prefer to have a constant blush then you would definitely need to keep re-applying this.

The blush cost £4.49 from the Sleek website here  and once again at that price you can't go wrong as this will last me ages. It comes in 11 shades to suit everyone but just remember to take into account what skin tone you have as the wrong blush for your skin can make you look like coco the clown!



  1. This looks lovely! I really need to get me some Sleek products.

    ♡ Kristen // www.everybeautytalks.com

    1. I stumbled upon Sleek completely by chance and i'm an absolute convert now. They have loads of good stuff :) x

  2. I love Sleek products, especially blush. Its the only blush I will ever use! :)

    1. After giving this a good go i can safely say that i feel exactly the same :) x


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