Monday, 14 April 2014

Sleek Eau La La Liner || Review

Have you ever been asked ' What one make up item would you take to a desert island'? Well mine would have to be eyeliner. It's so versatile and you can transform your look with just one swish.

I have used Collection 2000 Kohl eyeliners since forever but i fancied a bit of a change so when i came across the Eau La La Liner from Sleek i snapped it up. It's a cream based pencil, something i have never used before and since using it i am a complete addict and have put my Kohl pencil away in my make up box in favour of this little treasure.

Application is so easy, there is no need to keep going over it to get a darker colour which is the case with many eyeliners. It reminds me of a felt tip in a way which i know sounds strange but it glides along the eyelid and you barely feel it!

Another good thing about this eyeliner, is that you can sharpen it like a regular pencil. I have read reviews of cream eyeliners before and sharpening them often left a gooey mess in sharpeners but this is the polar opposite. I sharpened it in my regular eyeliner sharpener and it came out perfect. I can't fault it!

At a price of £4.99 you really can't stick your nose up at it, it's an absolute bargain and it comes in 20 different shades! 20 SHADES!! WOW! The shade i am using is in Noir 289.

I have never used Sleek make up before but i'm so glad i found them because they are one of my new favourite brands. They are cheap but you get excellent quality and they have a massive range of products too. You can buy the Eau La La Liner from here


  1. Great review x

  2. Great post. I don't use eye liner, but this seems great. Check my blog

  3. You should really give this a go it's ridiculously versatile and easy to use. I'll go have a nosey at your blog now :) x


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